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On February 2nd 2014 (the day of the Superbowl final in the US) Coca-Cola aired an ad where people of various ethnicities were singing ‘America the Beautiful’ in their own language. Immidiately after the airing of the ad all hell broke loose on Twitter and other social media platforms. This continued for the following days and weeks.

According to DigitalMR’s findings, during the 8 days prior to the Superbowl there were 139,997 posts about Coca-Cola in the English language: 22% Negative7% Positive, and 71% Neutral. During the 8 days following the airing of the ad the number increased by 169% to 376,382 posts. The interesting fact here is that although the number of posts increased by 169% after the campaign airing, the amount of negative posts still accounted for 22% of the total while positive posts jumped to 51%.

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  • ​understand what really happened when the Coca-Cola ad created a negative reaction on social media sites
  • discover a new way of looking at sentiment
  • find out about a new PR phenomenon you can leverage for your brands
  • learn about the benefits of accurate social media listening​