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 A lesson from Social Media Listening

Positive effect of NegativityThis eBook was written to share a unique discovery , which shows how things are not always what they seem, and to demonstrate how social media listening can provide valuable insights for brands and marketing agencies. We want to tell all the brands out there that they need to be constantly “listening” to online chatter, not only about themselves but also about their competitors.

Is it possible that we are looking at a new marketing phenomenon, applicable both in business and in politics, that's all about harnessing 'The Positive Effect of Negativity'?

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  • ​Discover a new way of looking at sentiment
  • Find out what happened when Coca-Cola aired a TV commercial that turned out to be highly controversial during this year’s Superbowl
  • Discover a new marketing phenomenon you can leverage for your brands
  • Learn about the benefits of accurate social media listening