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DigitalMR Transforms Customer Insight Through Artificial Intelligence


London, 2 November 2016: DigitalMR, a London based tech company that specialises in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Insights, announced today the ground-breaking results of its four year research & development programme in the areas of sentiment & semantic analysis, emotion detection, and image theme recognition on social media. 

The research programme was/is funded by Innovate UK and the EU through seven R&D grants totalling €1.5 million. The EU funding is from Horizon 2020 where DigitalMR is part of a 7 member consortium from Portugal, Spain, Germany and the UK. The specific R&D project is called DiSIEM and DigitalMR’s part is to work on predicting cyber attacks. The general focus of DigitalMR’s research programme is to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve the problem of accuracy when analysing millions of online posts across social media, blogs, fora, news, video, reviews and other websites, in any language. Plainly, DigitalMR can provide insights into anything that is publicly available on the internet.

Machine learning is being used by DigitalMR in uncovering unique and accurate insights for any brand, organisation or person. To deliver these results, DigitalMR has developed entirely new proprietary models for recognising a range of emotions, as well as a revolutionary deep learning approach to detect themes and context within images.

These new methods are already being used by major global firms to research any subject in any language, anywhere in the world. The implications of these methods will completely transform the way companies conduct market research.

The breakthrough research is available through DigitalMR’s proprietary social listening & analytics solution, listening247. The product marks the 3rd generation of social insights solutions and delivers results with over 80% accuracy, in any language. listening247 is a radical departure from the 1,000 social media monitoring tools currently on the market.

Michalis Michael, DigitalMR CEO, said:
"Market research as we know it will be ripped to pieces. Asking questions in long surveys and focus groups is not enough in a digital economy. We are now able to integrate traditional market research with unsolicited data from social listening and behaviour tracking databases. This will completely transform the way companies gain insights about their customers."

About DigitalMR
DigitalMR is a tech company using artificial intelligence with a deep understanding and focus on market research. DigitalMR uses text analytics – Natural Language Processing, sentiment & semantic analysis, emotion detection and scoring, automated image theme and sentiment analysis to deliver deep insights. We work with blue-chip multinationals such as P&G, SABMiller, DIAGEO, Vodafone, Saxo Bank, YPO, Nielsen, TNS, and many more. We are already disrupting a $65 Billion industry. In recent years, DigitalMR has won several grants from the UK government and the EU to conduct R&D.


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