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MRB Hellas becomes exclusive partner of DigitalMR introducing 'listening247' and 'communities247' in Greece

DigitalMR & MRB HellasLondon November 11th 2014: MRB Hellas, one of the leading market research agencies in Greece is moving towards the next generation of market insights. After careful evaluation, MRB Hellas has decided to become exclusive partner of DigitalMR providing 'listening247' and 'communities247' in Greece.

'listening247' is a DigitalMR platform that monitors social media and other public websites , that has been developed over the last 3 years to respond to the digital explosion and address the problem of multilingual sentiment accuracy. 'listening247' consistently reaches a sentiment accuracy of over 85% regardless of the language and the product category or subject, an indisputable competitive advantage & unique characteristic globally and more specifically for the Greek market.

'communities247' is a web based platform that allows companies globally, including Greece from now on, to recruit private online communities for the purposes of market insights, co-creation, customer activation and customer advocacy. The platform is multilingual and equipped with a range of useful marketing research and communication tools, most of which have been especially designed by the DigitalMR team of researchers and technology specialists, bringing innovation and efficiency to the marketing insights process. Some of the available tools that enable engagement with the community members are: i)Moderated Bulletin Board Discussions (enabling the use of rich media), ii)Video and Photo Diaries for ethnography, iii)Collage, iv)Chat Group Discussions, v)Online Surveys and vi)Polls. 


DigitalMR CEO, Michalis Michael said: “The digital revolution has brought new speed and reach to how customers communicate, interact and tell others about their experiences with brands. MRB Hellas SA recognizing the shift and the market opportunity, decided to lead it by securing exclusive access to 'listening247' and 'communities247' for their market. Their leadership and unique brand recognition in Greece will be very helpful in establishing both our platforms as the norm for next generation market research.”

Dimitris Mavros, Managing Director of MRB Hellas said: “We are very enthusiastic and proud to be the first in Greece offering exclusively these new, advanced and unique insight solutions by DigitalMR: voice of the customer on the web and on line communities. Our company is always committed to be a pioneer and in the forefront of technological developments in the area of marketing research. MRB Hellas SA not only offers exceptional insight support and expertise but exploits innovation to empower brand owners on marketing and insight solutions – that’s what makes us different. This partnership with DigitalMR will provide a tremendous benefit to our current and prospective clients and I am confident that it will be the 5th D in the MRB perspective”


About DigitalMR
The DigitalMR team uniquely combines the skill-sets of software engineers, data scientists and market researchers. You can think of us as a tech company with a deep understanding and focus in market research. DigitalMR is focussed in developing state of the art platforms for social media listening and private online communities. Our claim to fame is that we offer consistently over 85% sentiment accuracy in any language. DigitalMR is headed by founder and CEO, Michalis Michael and has presence in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, Warsaw Poland, Italy, the US, Turkey, France and now Greece.


Michalis Michael

Michalis A. Michael
tel: +44 751 571 0370


About MRB Hellas S.A.
MRB Hellas SA, member of PRC Group The Management House one of the biggest management consulting Groups in Greece, is a leading and innovative agency, with strategic and client centric orientation, in the market research and consulting field in Greece. MRB Hellas SA has contributed substantially to the evolution of the Greek market research industry, by setting trends and adopting innovation during its 45 years of presense. MRB Hellas SA, strategic and innovation proven track, embrace proprietary tools connected with Customer Loyalty, Brand Heatlh/Image/Equity, Brand Positioning Consulting, Products Mix, Ad/Campaign-Evaluation, and the launch of reliable and well reputed syndicated surveys, TRENDS, TGI (KANTAR), Socio Cultural GLOBAL VALUES and the biggest ON LINE PANEL in Greece, eMRB which is now connected with Lightspeed (WPP). The consolidated unique 4D Proof Based Consulting through the Experience and Perspective of –Consumer, Media, Social and Political- expertise enables MRB Hellas SA to be the Leading Market Insights Think Tank in Greece.


Dimitris Mavros

Dimitris A. Mavros
Tel: +30 210 6971003




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