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DigitalMR featured in 'AI in UK' report

AI in UKDigitalMR is one of 300 UK based companies featured in the first edition of 'AI in UK: Artificial Intelligence Industry Landscape Overview' report, published by Deep Knowledge Analytics. The report aims to give a clear perspective on the AI industry in the UK and identify the main companies, investors, journalists and influencers involved.

"Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring major social and economic benefits to the UK. With the help of AI, computers can analyze and learn from information with greater speed and accuracy than humans. AI offers massive gains in efficiency and performance to most or all industry sectors, from drug discovery to logistics. Software using AI can be integrated into existing processes to improve them, scale them, and reduce their costs, by making or suggesting more accurate decisions through better use of information. The AI industry has caught the attention the British Government, the scientific community and the business community."

To view and download the report, click here.

Deep Knowledge Analytics is a leading Deep Tech analytical agency focused on AI, Longevity, Crypto Economy and Convergence of Technological MegaTrends.



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