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DigitalMR is rebranding to DMR

London, July 29th 2021: London-based DigitalMR, a company in the space of CX, social intelligence and text analytics is rebranding, with a new logo and tagline, from August 2nd 2021.

At the inception of DigitalMR in 2010, the term ‘digital’ was used to denote a differentiating factor - that is from traditional (offline) market research. 11 years on, the company is changing its name to DMR, with technology and use cases beyond Market Research.

Having expanded its proprietary AI capabilities to include CX Management, customer journey optimisation, alternative data for funds and other use cases, the original company tagline ‘Market Research Evolved’ will thus change to ‘AI Driven Insight’.

DMR Founder & CEO Michalis Michael said: “In this day and age for anything to be called ‘digital’ seems redundant. It is like calling cars “horseless carriages”. We are updating our branding to be more in line with the times and our current positioning in the market”.

DMR owns proprietary AI technology that adds accurate, actionable and timely intelligence to unstructured data from any source and language, to produce invaluable insights for CX management and customer journey optimisation. Following years of R&D, DMR’s main areas of expertise include text and image analytics, particularly customer journey stages, sentiment/emotions and semantic analysis and image theme and logo detection. DMR works with multinationals and agencies in various sectors such as FMCG, retail, banking/finance, telecoms and NGOs.

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