Discovering New Trends in Dynamic FMCG Market with listening247
Case Studies

Discovering New Trends in Dynamic FMCG Market with listening247

A global FMCG company needed to uncover emerging consumer trends in Vietnam’s dynamic market. They required a solution to interpret vast digital data—from blogs to social media—without direct consumer interaction.

To address these challenges, DMR implemented a comprehensive social intelligence strategy using advanced AI models. The approach involved collecting data from a wide range of digital platforms using 60 generic keywords categorised into areas such as 'lifestyle', 'appearance', and 'career'. This data was meticulously annotated with information about brands, sentiments, and topical discussions.

Enhanced Marketing Strategy
The insights gained enabled the FMCG company to refine their marketing strategies, ensuring alignment with real-time consumer trends.

Agile Market Response
Access to the listening247 platform allowed the client to monitor changes and adapt quickly, maintaining a competitive edge.

Informed Decision-Making
The strategic insights led to better decision-making, driving effective consumer engagement and increasing market penetration in Vietnam.

Interactive Reporting Tools
DMR provided an intuitive dashboard and detailed reports via a partner agency, facilitating seamless insight dissemination to the client.