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Cards and Payments Europe 21 June 2011

Running for its 24th year, Cards & Payments Europe 2011 is a content-led conference examining how the cards and payments technology is used as a differentiation technique for increasing industry market share. This 21st of June event will provide insights into through discussions of combating the new market entrants of early day e-commerce as well as innovation in traditional debit and credit card prompted by new patterns of consumer spending.

Delivering senior attendees and great networking opportunities, DigitalMR’s Managing Director, Michalis Michael will be addressing social media issues surrounding the Card and Payments world. He will focus on how social media provides market leadership and strategy opportunities via sentiment monitoring of brands, customer services and products. In introducing DigitalMR’s web listening service, Mr Michael will make clear how Card and Payment world players can manage their brand, product and service reputations.



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