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Exclusive & Free-to-Attend Social Media Event -

DigitalMR ran two meetings at The Gherkin on Wednesday 19th September, making it possible to choose the most convenient time. The breakfast session ran from 08.45 – 10.30 and the lunch meeting was 11.45 – 13.30. Both of them were free to attend and added significant value to the participants' social media efforts.


Participants discussed how to get the most out of their social media presence with like-minded peers from non-competing industries:


  • How do I find genuine influencers and engage them in my community?
  • How do I mobilise my Facebook fans? Twitter followers? Linkedin networks?
  • How do I apply a segmentation to my online following and how will it help me?
  • How do I communicate with different segments and what should my objectives be?
  • How will this help me generate and amplify positive word of mouth?


Here's some feedback from previous attendees:


“I really enjoyed the discussions at the latest event - really interesting debate on what constitutes true value”


“It was great to meet everyone with vast differences in experiences and understand how far we have to go with developing our social media strategy.  It gave me a great deal of ideas and has encouraged me to bring together the various parts of the business and develop one all-encompassing social media strategy.”


“It was really great to learn more about social media and what we can do with it.  I always find the sessions really informative and enjoyable so thank you for having me along.”

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