Leveraging Consumer Insights for Beverage Marketing Success
Case Studies

Leveraging Consumer Insights for Beverage Marketing Success


A leading beverage manufacturer needed to decode consumer discussions about dining out in Morocco, navigating the dual challenges of multiple languages and varied data sources. Their goal was to understand trends that could enhance their market presence.


DMR’s strategy ensured a comprehensive capture and interpretation of consumer behaviour and preferences across different platforms. This annotated data was systematically organised into Excel tables, facilitating a seamless transfer of processed information to the client’s market research agency.



Strategic Insights
The client received a PowerPoint report filled with actionable insights, enabling them to tailor their strategy effectively.

Market Alignment
The insights provided allowed the client to align their offerings with consumer preferences, enhancing customer engagement.

Competitive Advantage
Armed with deep market understanding, the client could better position themselves in Morocco’s competitive dining sector, potentially increasing their market share.

Effective Collaboration
By collaborating closely with the client’s market research partner, DMR ensured the insights were precisely aligned with the client’s strategic needs.