Leveraging Text and Image Analytics for Enhanced Consumer Insight
Case Studies

Leveraging Text and Image Analytics for Enhanced Consumer Insight


A leading fashion brand in South Africa found itself facing a perplexing conundrum. Despite being mentioned across various online platforms, deciphering the true sentiment and perception surrounding its brand proved to be an uphill battle. Traditional text analytics fell short in capturing the richness and depth of consumer engagement, leaving the brand grappling with a fragmented understanding of its online presence.


Recognising the imperative to adapt to the evolving landscape of social media, the fashion brand turned to DMR for a transformative solution. Leveraging DMR's cutting-edge image analytics capabilities, the brand embarked on a journey to unravel the visual narrative surrounding its products and brand identity. Through the deployment of advanced deep learning machine technology, DMR provided the brand with the tools to decode the complexities of consumer-generated content, including images, videos, and other unstructured data.



Holistic Brand Perception
By harnessing image analytics, the fashion brand gained unparalleled insights into how consumers perceive and interact with its products online. From identifying key brand elements within visual content to discerning emerging trends, the brand now possesses a comprehensive understanding of its online image.

Strategic Agility
Armed with a newfound understanding of consumer sentiment, the fashion brand seamlessly integrated image analytics into its strategies. This strategic pivot not only unlocked new revenue streams but also positioned the brand at the forefront of innovation within the fashion industry.

Rapid Insights Generation
With DMR's image analytics solution, the fashion brand can now decode vast amounts of unstructured data in mere minutes. Whether it's analysing video clips, social media posts, or online community chatter, the brand gains actionable insights at an unprecedented speed, enabling agile decision-making and strategic planning.

Emotion Intelligence
DMR's proprietary AI model goes beyond surface-level analysis, delving deep into the intricacies of consumer emotions. By dissecting both positive and negative sentiments expressed in visual content, the fashion brand gains a nuanced understanding of consumer sentiment, driving enhanced engagement and brand loyalty.

Intelligent Consumer Insights
With DMR's advanced machine learning models, the fashion brand gained unparalleled access to consumer behaviours, requirements, and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, the brand can tailor its marketing strategies and product offerings to resonate more deeply with its target audience.