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Android models HTC, Samsung and Motorola account for three quarters of total customer smartphone comments online

Android models HTC, Samsung and Motorola are the top three most mentioned smartphone brands on the internet accounting for 76% of all measured customer comments. HTC models attract highest share all positive mentions with 35%. Nokia achieves highest Net Sentiment Score with 55%.

London 02 November  – Social media research specialist DigitalMR releases latest findings on what customers are saying about smartphones on the internet.

DigitalMR analysed over ¼ million customer comments about smartphones across July-August 2011. Just over two-thirds (67%) of these customer views are positive, compared with 33% negative.

The most mentioned smartphone brands are all Android models. HTC garners more mentions than any other brand, with a 35% market share of all positive comments and a 32% share of the smaller, negative comments group. Next placed is Motorola with 21% positive mentions and 21% negative, followed by Samsung with 20% positive and 25% negative. Together, these Android brands account for three quarters of all measured customer comments regarding smartphones.

Results are based on comments posted by consumers on the major smartphone brands: Apple, Motorola, Samsung, RIM (Blackberry), HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and HP across Jul-Aug 2011. 
Interestingly, the more established smartphone brands from Apple and RIM (Blackberry) only account for 5% and 3% of total customer comments respectively.

DigitalMR’s analysis (powered by SocialNuggets) is based on comments posted via a range of relevant websites and open access social media platforms. It measures, not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the internet, but also their sentiment – whether posts are positive or negative in nature.
Managing Director of DigitalMR, Michalis Michael commented: “Android models are now comfortably outselling more traditional models from established players such as Blackberry and iPhone, and this is firmly reflected in their dominance in terms of online buzz.”

All the brands measured, achieve a positive Net Sentiment Score (NSS) for Jul-Aug. NSS provides an overall percentage score of net positive posts.

The average NSS taken across all the brands measured is 34%. This shows customers are generally very happy with their devices and are sharing the good news online.

Of the three most talked about brands on the web, HTC had a NSS of 38%, followed by 34% for Motorola and a below par score of 23% for Samsung.

The highest NSS is achieved by Nokia (55%) followed by LG (45%) with the lowest by HP (13%) followed by Huawaei (20%).


Key Findings:

DigitalMR measures thousands of customer posts regarding the services and features attributed to smartphones.
The “Operating system” and “Service provider” features generate the most comments - both positive and negative. “Operating system” attracted a 20% share of positive posts vs 22% of negative ones, while “Service Provider” produced 21% positive vs 23% negative.


In their words – Customer comments for models with the highest and lowest Net Sentiment Scores


“True, at least Nokia starts producing something what is not android, too many manufacturers use android, and I want world "without limits" Nokia can offer people nice Windows phone devices in future, and I actually am very interested in these upcoming phones, even in my country news are calling those upcoming phones "Nokia Super phones"

“Got this phone for my better half, recognized SIM easily, set up email in about a minute, set up to recognize wireless access point... and done. Works great! This gift is going to be hard to top. Nokia rocks! “.

“The LG Optimus 2x P990 HD Smart-Phone is the business.....I’m very happy with the: "LG Optimus 2x P990" definitely best value for the money and cash speaks oodles especially I think the present price is a bargain”.

“The multi touch works perfectly with games, web browser is very fast and perfect, and supports flash! The accelerometer works perfectly with games, and the camera is very beautiful, and the best I've ever seen, the MP doesn’t mean anything, it’s the quality, MP is the size not the quality.....LG Optimus and its perfect! “.

“HP Veer phone is horrible. I got the first one and returned it after 4 days, got another one, but after 2 weeks of problems.....The Veer form factor was exactly what I wanted. Both of the veers that I got did the same things, they froze often, at times went totally wacky, and required several shutdowns and restarts daily. Compared to the palm pre, this phone was a total pain. I really wanted this phone but has too many problems to use it”.

“HP Veer is small even for a little person... Even for my 6 year old brother... Even for... you get the idea... A SMALL touch screen on a Smartphone is just WRONG! Touch screens are meant to be big and beautiful, easy to type on and see information and multimedia... This is a joke! ”

“Huwaei M835 is my first Smartphone and I can say that it is less than what I expected. I dislike it more than I like it ...I can't stand how slow the internet runs sometimes. YouTube videos take way too long to load. And whenever I have Pandora running the song sometimes freezes. I am guessing that that is because of a slow connection. To access the memory card slot, the battery has to be removed which is just beyond annoying. And the BIGGEST flaw, in my opinion, is how low the music player volume is. Even at the highest volume it is just too low for me. ...If you are like me and like your music to be loud, this definitely is not the phone for you! I bought it on Thursday and I doubt that I will keep it.”

“...In addition to a TERRIBLE battery life  Huwaei M835 phone also has a very low volume level especially from the headphone out jack. It is supposed to have some sort of surrounded sound feature but when I turn it on it doesn’t get any better”.


How can smartphone brands use social media to their advantage?

  • Smartphones can use analysis of data from websites and other social media in the following ways:
  • Engage in a one-to-one dialogue with their customers and respond to negative comments.
  • Invite some of the customers to join online forums and chat groups to further express their views
  • Operations can learn about and fix specific retail and product performance issues

About the syndicated smartphone report
DigitalMR produces monthly reports which monitor thousands of customers’ online conversations through comments posted on open-access social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, forums, blogs, microblogs and commercial websites, for comments regarding smartphone services.
The report is available on annual subscription with updates provided on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. Results will be updated to the press on a monthly basis.


For regular reports and more information:
Michalis A. Michael,
tel: +44 751 571 0370

About DigitalMR
DigitalMR understands what people think and feel when they share views online. It is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specialises in utilising social media research, especially active web-listening, and online communities to enhance its business consulting approach. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. DigitalMR is headed by founder and MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, and Columbus Ohio, in the US.


About SocialNuggets
SocialNuggets technology delivers real-time market intelligence for fast moving industries by analyzing data from various social media sources with a mission to liberate social media data and sentiment analysis for use in real-time research of brands, products and features. SocialNuggets delivers ready to use market intelligence for various industry verticals including consumer electronics and banking. SocialNuggets data is delivered in bite size, ready-to-consume, infographics and is also available in the form of a full access to our data warehouse for analysis and integration with customers’ data. SocialNuggets, a Serendio company, was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.



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