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Sentiment on Social Media Across Product Categories Reveals Unique Insight

Sentiment on Social Media Across Product CategoriesLondon, April 7th 2016: Last week DigitalMR published an infographic that compares the sentiment of various product categories and subjects on social media. This was possible by aggregating the results of multiple social listening studies carried out since 2011 using listening247®, the company’s proprietary social listening and analytics platform.  

listening247® is an automated solution that analyses data from social media and other online sources, providing several levels of insights on consumer sentiment and popular topics for any products or services with the highest achievable accuracy.

The comparison revealed an interesting insight: industries providing a service are met with a predominantly negative sentiment on online sources whereas luxury product industries have a much lower negative sentiment, and sometimes a much higher positive sentiment as well. 

Services such as train travel or telecommunications are faced with between 40-60% of posts about them being negative, whereas for luxury products industries such as ladies’ handbags or watches, only under 10% of the posts are negative. About the latter, nearly half of the posts are actually positive. 

This means that if a company is in services their effort should be to minimise the number of negative posts online, whilst a company in luxury products will compete on maximising the number of positive posts. Both positive and negative posts define the online reputation of a brand or a corporation. DigitalMR developed a metric to measure brand equity online called the Net Sentiment Score® (NSS®). 

Click here to download the infographic and see more details about the sentiment of more product categories.

About DigitalMR
The DigitalMR team uniquely combines the skill-sets of software engineers, data scientists and market researchers. You can think of us as a tech company with a deep understanding and focus in market research. DigitalMR is focussed in developing state of the art platforms for social media listening and private online communities. Our claim to fame is that we consistently achieve and offer over 80% sentiment accuracy in any language. DigitalMR is headed by founder and CEO, Michalis Michael and has presence in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, Warsaw Poland, Italy, the US, Romania, France, Greece, The Arabian Gulf, The Levant, North Africa, Pakistan, and Austria.


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