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Social Media Research Digest 16 - July


The Social Media Research Digest, for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

It has been a while since our last update - April, May & June have been very busy months: ground breaking announcements, an award win, conferences; we have a lot to share, so scroll down and check out what we have in store for you.

eCommunity now available to marketing and market research agencies in selected markets

We are proud to announce that we have made our Bespoke Private Online Communities platform eCommunity available to marketing and market research agencies in selected countries around the world. Why this is such important news is that the tool was previously solely available to end clients and now, agencies around the world can partner with DigitalMR to incorporate this tool into their own multilingual market research projects or programmes to better serve their clients; Click here to find out more.


DigitalMR wins the Ovum award for Enterprise Gamification 

Ovum 'On the Radar' Award for Gamification

London May 21st 2013, DigitalMR was announced as the winner of the ‘On The Radar’ award for ‘Best Implementation of Enterprise Gamification’ through the use of its ‘eCommunities’ platform.

Gamification is ‘the use of game thinking and game mechanics (such as digital badges, points, achievements) in a non-game context, in order to engage users and solve problems’.

Click here to read more about the award show.


SMARK Marketing research conference 

SMARK conference On May 15-16th 2013 Our CEO, Michalis Michael spoke at the SMARK Marketing Research in Bucharest on the topic of: changes in buyer behaviour, more specifically, the new techniques and tools of observation research and influencing purchasing behaviour, which turned out to be an enlightening experience.


Free eBook on How to market to Digital Natives 


Digital Natives eBook


Early in May we released our eBook on how to market digital natives. Find out:

• How to understand who Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants are
• What the advance of Social Media and ‘digitalism’ may imply for the human brain and behaviour
• How you can adapt your marketing strategy to be more effective with each cohort
• What marketing experts believe about the relevance of the digital divide.

If you have not picked up your copy, what are you waiting for!? Click here to get your free copy.


Best of Blogs 

Emerging marketing: Breaking Boundaries 

eCommunitiesNumerous studies have shown that carrying out traditional research in emerging markets can be extremely tough because of monetary/time constraints, logistical issues, legislative/religious issues and the like. With online internet penetration steadily on the rise in these countries, partly due to a decrease in broadband costs and increase in speeds (as evidence in a 2013 report by ITU), is now the right time to shift the focus to online market research techniques? The possibilities are endless!

Take a read of our latest blog on the subject and feel free to leave your thoughts on the matter.


Curating data

Sentiment analysisIn this digital world, a lot of emphasis has been placed on ‘Data Mining’ (the process of using computers to find patterns in large data), especially in social media listening; boatloads of money have been invested in gaining insights through this method. Although this method is not incorrect, it is incomplete as reporting on this data will only lead to superfluous results. What if we told you there was one more step right before the reporting - data curation.

Data curation is all about validation of data (which is based on prior knowledge); this can only be done on a human level i.e. humans understanding humans.

Click here to read more about this fascinating subject and the process that DigitalMR took to ensure the quality of our reporting for one of our clients.


Connecting with people

SMARK Marketing Research Conference 2013Social media has proven to be a great platform for promotion, creating awareness, establishing status, so much so that we forget about the main purpose of social media which is to connect with people. More specifically, to be able to connect with someone on a human level, to evoke an emotion of empathy/sympathy. That’s what it is all about; we spend so much time focussing on the quantifiable (number of impressions, how many likes, followers) but how many readers are actually connected to you and your brand?


Our CEO Michalis writes after visiting the SMARK conference in Bucharest; Click here to read the full blog.

Using Gamification in Market research 

GamificationGamificationGamificationWhen you look at the basic definition of Gamification (the use of game design and mechanics in non-gaming contexts), it is a concept that is widely used in customer loyalty schemes and marketing, but, strangely, it is a concept rarely explored by market research agencies. For a sector that relies heavily on the willingness of participants to provide feedback it seems very bizarre that this concept has gone unexplored. We think that part of this reason, is that many traditional market research agencies do not have the infrastructure to incorporate gamification into their studies.


Click here to find out more about how gamification can be used in online market research.


Connecting the dots


Connecting the dotsOne solution to getting over the problem of Big data is to break it up into more sizeable chunks; much time has been spent on sifting through data, sorting it, analysing and reporting on the insights obtained from each dataset (dot) but is this enough? What if we were to connect these dots, would that give us better insights? Click here to read more.


The pressure to perform

One thing that we are advocates of is the human element of social media/blogging and therefore, sharing relatable experiences with people creating a level of intimacy and genuineness. One thing that we can all relate to is having to speak in front of others; even CEO’s of companies feel the pressure sometimes; Click here to read more.

That’s all the news from DigitalMR for now. Look out for the next issue of the Social Media Digest for the latest in web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.



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