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Social Media Research Digest 17 - February


The Social Media Research Digest, for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

The past six months have been very constructive for DigitalMR, with new partnerships, participation in events, and a few blog posts. We have a lot to share, so scroll down and check out what you’ve missed.

Our new Website!

New DesignWe are very excited to present to you our new website 3.0, which is animated, supports responsive layout for all types of devices, and is easier to navigate. We hope this helps you find the information you’re looking for easier and faster.







The Conferences 

DigitalMR has participated in three separate events around the world.

Market Research Summit 

Market research summit

First was the Market Research Summit in London, where on the 5th of November CEO Michalis Michael gave a Pecha Kucha presentation on ‘Online Communities-Connecting the Dots’.


Ignition conference

IgnitionA few days later, on the 12th of November, Michalis Michael was part of the UKTI business mission for the Ignition 2013 conference in New York, where DigitalMR showcased its private online communities and social media listening platforms


Insight Innovation Exchange


Also, we are proud to have been one of the sponsors for the Insight Innovation Exchange that took place on the 19th and 20th of February in Amsterdam, where Michalis Michael chaired a session on ‘Social, Local & Mobile: 3 Transformative Trends’.


The Competitions

We had recently participated in two very interesting contests:

ICT KTN/UKTI SME competition


One was the ICT KTN/UKTI SME competition, with the winners receiving a free space at this year’s CeBIT event in Hannover. DigitalMR went on to the final stage in January, where CEO Michalis Michael presented our eListen and eCommunities tools.  


TSB IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation contest in Advertising

IC Tomorrow

The second one was the TSB IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation contest in Advertising, which offered funding to develop an innovative solution with commercial potential to four winners.  We competed in the ‘Next Generation Social Media Analytics Tools’ category and were selected to move on to the final event on February 12th, where Michalis Michael presented our proposal.


Click here to read more about our event participation.


The Partnership

DigitalMR Cocedal Partnership


On November 15th 2013, DigitalMR were proud to announce a new partnership with French based qualitative research specialist Cocedal.  The latter, owns a beauty panel of about 3000 women in France, signed up to use our eCommunities platform as well as our social media research services.  Use of eCommunities enables ad-hoc research for Cocedal’s clients, and is also available to companies and brands in France looking for co-creation and insights.

 Click here to find out more.


Best of Blogs 

Short Intercept Surveys Vs Long Surveys Days after an Event (part 2 of Next-gen market research)

Short intercept surveys

Intercept surveys can be triggered while a customer is using a mobile device or a PC/Mac and has accessed a product, service or communication.  Many EFM solutions have integrated survey tools intercepting customers in ways such as pop-ups, sliders, or a feedback link.  DigitalMR believe that intercept surveys, even the ones delivered by SMS for example, would greatly broaden the field and lead to not only higher reach of respondents but better quality responses.

Click here to find out why.


Enterprise Feedback Management (part 1 of Next-gen market research)


Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) allows organisations to manage the deployment of surveys centrally, and at the same time track feedback from various sources.  The market research sector is slow in adapting to change, resulting in technology companies taking over the areas of DIY, Social Media Monitoring, Mobile, and EFM.  But an organisation can’t simply replace customer loyalty and employee engagement programmes in the hands of market research agencies with software platforms by tech companies.   

Click here to find out what DigitalMR suggest. 

Driving Better Business Decisions with Social Media Research and The Internet of Things


The ‘Internet of Things World Forum’ (IoT) took place in Barcelona and was attended by over 800 delegates.  At IoT, physical objects such as machines or sensors are seamlessly integrated into IP networks, communicate with users, and become active participants in business processes.  There is no doubt that technology is reaching a level where big corporations are realising how much they can gain from it, and in the process they are redesigning Internet services.  The first generation of connected IoT devices are already influencing behaviour and can be used to gain new insights.  Combining that with social media would bring in the human interaction aspect, creating a huge shift in insights.

Click here to read how the IOT and social media can be used in combination to obtain better insights.

 Message to Consumer Insights Managers: “Social Media Listening is For You Too!”

SML is for you

Researchers need to reclaim the social media listening and sentiment analysis discipline.  SaaS applications created by tech companies are usually focused on flashy dashboards, as opposed to high quality data.  Of course, CEOs of companies are happy to invest in them hoping to protect their brand from negative consumer sentiment, while at the same time exploring the opportunity for communication through social media using tools such as live chat. We need to keep in mind that social media monitoring tools are rarely accurate in sentiment over 60%, and they are not designed to be used by Consumer Insights Managers, even if you had the best tool in the world, that sentiment accuracy can only reach 90%.  Our R&D team has achieved a breakthrough in sentiment accuracy.

Click here to find out what DigitalMR did to combat sentiment accuracy.

How to use Big Data Analytics to Improve Performance 

Big Data analyticsBig data is something everyone talks about, especially at the Teradata London Roadshow. Big data of course requires a data analyst, who should not just be working using machine learning algorithms but should be able prioritise curiosity and creativity.   Still, in order to achieve the desired outcome there is a need for predictive analytics and in some cases for more than one model.  Combining predictive models with real-time data and real-time reaction would lead us to “complex event processing” and ‘data in motion’.  DigitalMR combines machine learning algorithms with computational linguistics tools for eListen, our multilingual social media listening solution.

Read more about how we think Big data should be tackled.

Leveraging the Surroundings to Impact Online Community Member Creativitye

Office without walls

In market research, we would do anything to take people out of their comfort zone to trigger innovative thinking.  This original blog post for example, was written from a village in the Cyprus Troodos mountain range.  The situation inspired the idea to encourage online community participants to change their surroundings, to face a different side of the room, to sit on the balcony, to visit a cafe while co-creating.  A virtual office can really change one’s perspective. It can help you come up with ideas you never would have even thought of, had you been surrounded by four office walls.

Click here to read more on  the subject.

Connecting with People: a trip to the Gleneagles

Connecting with people

“Real life happens in the physical world, and it can be enhanced with virtual interactions but it cannot be replaced by them...for the time being” - This is our belief.  In an online community, the most important thing is the actual community; it’s not the project behind it, but the way in which people are brought together, connecting and communicating in an effort to achieve something.  The more we give of ourselves, the more engaging our communications become, and the more we capture the reader’s curiosity.  We believe that you need to understand ‘the person’ before you try to understand ‘the customer’, but does sharing personal experiences on a company blog show a human side? Or do readers lose interest?

Click here to read more about Michalis’ thoughts and give your opinion on the matter.

SEO for “Online Communities” 

SEO targeting

As expected, being the provider of an online communities platform (‘eCommunities’), we want to be associated with the term ‘online communities’ on Google.  The best way to approach SEO, is not by paying for it or adding meta tags  and keywords to everything in order to achieve it.

Click here to find out what you can do to achieve it and why DigitalMR ranks first organically for the term “online focus group eBook”. 


That’s all the news from DigitalMR for now. Look out for the next issue of the Social Media Digest for the latest in web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.



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