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Social Media Research Digest 18 - October


The Social Media Research Digest for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.


It has been a while since our last update, but that's only because we've been

working hard to develop our two recently rebranded solutions: listening247 and communities247.


We have some exciting new content to share, including blog posts and recent partnerships.

And let's not forget the Coca-Cola case study and our latest eBook on

'The Positive Effect of Negativity'.


Introducing: listening247

We recently decided to rebrand our social media listening tool, formerly known as eListen. listening247 enables any brand or organisation to monitor what is being said about them online 24/7, and understand how their customers feel with high sentiment accuracy.

Introducing: communities247

In line with the rebranding of eListen to listening247, our private online communities platform also has a new name. Previously known as eCommunities, with communities247 you can give your customers a voice, co-create content online, and reach actionable insights 24/7.

RTCentras and Bell Partners sign up to use communities247

London/Vilnius March 11th2014: RTCentras - a Lithuanian headquartered market research specialist after careful evaluation, has decided to sign up with DigitalMR to use its private online communities platform and social media research services.

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Microsoft plagiarising DigitalMR, or is this just an innocent coincidence?

How would you feel if you saw a large and globally renowned company standing behind the same arguments and spreading the same message as your SME? Well in our case, the first thought was: "We must be doing something right!"

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Thinking Fast and Slow: The Social Media Research Perspective

Nobel laureate Kahneman claims that our decision processes can be understood only by knowing how two different thinking systems shape the way we judge and decide: fast, instinctive, subconscious and emotional, or slower, deliberative and logical. How is this relevant to research?

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Life Without Internet

The denial of service attack (DOS) on SurveyGizmo made me sit back and think 'how could we ever go back to a life without internet if someone took it away from us'? My next thought was "OMG, our SaaS business model depends on the internet: without it, we don't have a business."

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Case Study: The Coca-Cola Superbowl Ad

Most people would agree that any PR is good PR; however, I don’t think I was the only one thinking that Coca-Cola did NOT see it coming on February 3rd - the day after the Superbowl final. I kept thinking that the brand is damaged, that sales would be affected negatively, and that some heads are probably rolling within TCCC (The Coca-Cola Company) in Atlanta.

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The Positive Effect of Negativity

Whenever something unexpected happens in life, some of us pause; we look up and we try to figure it out. Especially if you are curious - like good researchers are supposed to be – discovering a paradox can lead to a hypothesis and looking to prove it can be real fun.

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