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Social Media Research Digest 20 - January 2016


The Social Media Research Digest for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

Happy New Year from DigitalMR! 


It's been a busy year developing listening247 and
communities247, participating in events, and forming new
partnerships. Here is an overview of how 2015 went for DigitalMR.

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Do you know of any 2nd or 3rd generation
Social Media Listening platforms? 

The 3 things you should get right if you use Social Media Listening


DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael was a member of the Programme committee and chaired a session on Social Listening and Analytics at the ESOMAR (in collaboration with AOL) RA:DAR event, held at the AOL headquarters in New York on 25-26 October 2015.

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LT-Accelerate 2015

DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael was one of the speakers at the LT-Accelerate conference, where he delivered a speech on the topic of 'Rich Social Media Analysis: Topics, Themes, and Taxonomy'. LT-Accelerate focuses on Language Technology.

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5 Signs that Social Listening and Social Analytics are Gaining Traction in MR 

On October 26th I participated at the first Research Analytics: Digital Advance Research (RA:DAR) symposium in New York, organised by ESOMAR. The symposium took place at a superb venue in the AOL offices; a 21stcentury conference venue with live streaming capability. I had the privilege to chair the social listening session which was more of an interactive session that helped the delegates better understand how...

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Are you willing to risk your life for Social Listening and Analytics?

During 2 out of the 5 days that Brussels was on lockdown, specifically on November 23rd and 24th, the LT-Accelerate conference took place near the Brussels city centre. LT stands for 'language technology' and it is mainly about using automated ways to understand and extract value from big data sets with unstructured data. The DigitalMR presentation was about Rich Social Media Analytics making use of taxonomies.

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Market Research as we know it is perfectly unsuited
for the digital economy

10 predictions about the future of the market research industry

  1. The traditional market research agencies that refuse to change will go out of business 
  2. DIY market research will catch on even more and will democratise our sector
  3. Social listening analytics will be a must-have for every marketing and market research manager

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YouGov partners with DigitalMR to offer communities247 in Iraq

London/Erbil September 7th 2015: YouGov, a large well-known market research agency with operations around the world, has after careful evaluation decided to become a DigitalMR partner, providing ‘communities247’ to its clients in Iraq since October 2014.

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5 tips to reduce noise in social listening

When we say noise in a social listening or social analytics context, we mean posts that are irrelevant to the subject being researched. It is horrifying to consider that 80-90% of what an initial harvesting query (of online posts) will return are irrelevant posts i.e. noise.

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Is Social Media Analytics Possible
Without Taxonomies?

Social Listening and Online Communities:

Precision and Recall in Social Listening 

For the last 4 years, we have been talking about the importance of sentiment accuracy in social listening. When people asked: "What is sentiment accuracy?" we responded along these lines:
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Why every business needs to have a customer community online

It shouldn't be too hard to convey the value of a customer online community to marketers in small and large organisations! It is a no-brainer when you think of all the possibilities that open up for companies (and their brands) that own online communities... right? Wrong!

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Warm Wishes,
The DigitalMR Team


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