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Social Media Research Digest 22 - November 2016



November 2016

The Social Media Research Digest for free data and free thinking on market research news, tech developments, social listening, online communities, and all subjects in between.

Over the past few months we launched a new look on our website, published some new and exciting content, participated in events, and even hosted an event of our own in Central London. Here is an overview of what DigitalMR has been up to.

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 AI for insights.jpg                  Artificial Intelligence for Insights

On the afternoon of Wednesday November 2nd, DigitalMR hosted an exclusive event on the topic of 'Artificial Intelligence for Insights', at the Eight Members Club in Central London. The event aimed to both inform clients and collaborators how artificial intelligence is already being used by DigitalMR to discover accurate customer insights, and also announce the groundbreaking results of 4 years of R&D.

The DigitalMR team presented new and exciting types of analysis available with listening247®, such as automated Emotions Detection and automated Image Theme analysis.

Michalis Michael, DigitalMR CEO, said: 
"Market research as we know it will be ripped to pieces. Asking questions in long surveys and focus groups is not enough in a digital economy. We are now able to integrate traditional market research with unsolicited data from social listening and behaviour tracking databases. This will completely transform the way companies gain insights about their customers."


New Infographic Case Studies - Everything you need to know about Social Listening

You seemed to enjoy our previous infographics, so we thought we should publish some more!
These are of course based on real DigitalMR Social Listening projects, on different subjects, for clients around the world.

By clicking on the images below you can download:

  • A Multilingual Social Listening Approach for Brands
  • Without Noise Elimination Social Analytics Gets You Garbage: Clearing the Path to Accurate Customer Insights
  • A Social Listening Case Study on Luxury Watches
Noise wide.png

Where We Went & Where You Can Find Us

Perfect Information Breakfast

On October 5th, Michalis Michael (@DigitalMR_CEO) attended and presented Big Data Analytics at a breakfast briefing event aimed at financial services professionals, organised by Perfect Information.  Attendees included some of the bulge bracket investment banks.
London Text Analytics

Michalis Michael presented 'Text Analytics Applied in Social Media Listening for Customer Insights' - touching points such as noise elimination, high accuracy sentiment analysis, emotions analysis, the position of social listening in MR, and the future.

LT-Accelerate has a focus on discovering business value from text, speech, and social data, using big data analytics (NLP), market research, social listening etc. Michalis Michael presented 'Social Listening & Analytics 3.0' -  an overview of 1st and 2nd generation social listening, and an introduction to the 3rd gen.
AI Europe - December 5th & 6th

AI Europe takes place in Central London.You can find DigitalMR in the Startup Factory zone. Additionally, Michalis Michael will deliver a 30 minute pitch in the Startup Demo zone and contribute to a roundtable discussion bringing together VCs and startups.


Warm Wishes,
The DigitalMR Team

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