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Social Media Research Digest 24 - March 2017




In the past couple of months we made some significant advancements, published some new and exciting content, participated in events and signed up for more events in the months to come! Here is an overview of what DigitalMR has been up to..

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 listening247® & communities247® Free Trials are here! 

We are excited to announce the launch of our FREE TRIALS for both listening247 - Social Listening & Analytics using Artificial Intelligence for Customer Insights, and communities247 - Private Online Communities for Insights, Co-creation, and Brand Advocacy. 

Click below to start your free trials to receive a complimentary Social Listening report on the brands/sources/language of your choice, and to set up and fully customise your Online Community with the activities of your choice running for a time period of 4 weeks with up to 10 members, at no cost!

What if you could know everything on the internet?




l247 free trial cta.png
Artificial Intelligence for Insights

What if you could open a window into your customers' lives?




c247 free trial cta.png



 Insight Innovation Exchange Europe 2017

In February 2017 DigitalMR participated in the IIeX Europe event, held in Amsterdam. Although we have been a supporter and sponsor of the event for the past four years, this was the first year we also participated as an exhibitor, showcasing our brand new Free Trials for listening247® and communities247®

(@DigitalMR_CEO) Michalis Michael also hosted two roundtable discussions on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and other DIY technologies disrupting the Market Research industry, and co-presented a case study about integrating social listening data with brand equity trackers with Eva Hollander from TNS NIPO and Sjoerd Koornstra from Heineken.

Amsterdam Day 1 of IIeX.jpg
Michalis Michael presenting with TNS and Heineken 2.jpg
Michalis Michael presenting with TNS and Heineken.jpg
Michalis Michael Roundtable discussion.jpg
Rainy Amsterdam on Day 1 of IIeX Michalis Michael sharing the stage with Eva Hollander (TNS NIPO) and Sjoerd Koornstra (Heineken) Michalis Michael during his Roundtable discussion


 From the blog: Why are there no pure DIY Market Research Online Communities?

In 2014, the first time we were interviewed by Forrester about MROCs (Market Research Online Communities), a term they coined, we told them that we were building the first pure DIY MROC platform ever. They were quite impressed and I was too (by their reaction) because I was not aware at the time that none of the known vendors were offering a SaaS that was accessible with zero human interaction. In August 2015, Forrester published "Charting the 2015 Landscape of Market Research Online Community Offeringswhere DigitalMR’s communities247 featured as one of the 14 tools the report was evaluating.I find it remarkable that there are only 14 vendors for online communities globally (registering on Forrester’s radar) when at the same time there are over 1,000 social media monitoring tools. I compare and refer to these 2 types of marketing tools specifically because these are the two SaaS products DigitalMR has been focusing on since 2012:listening247 and communities247. Both will be available as DIY SaaS for market research agencies and brands alike. Continue Reading



Where You Can Find Us


March 21-22: ESOMAR MENAP Forum, Dubai

This month DigitalMR will be participating in the ESOMAR MENAP Forum where Michalis Michael will be presenting ‘How to Integrate Data from Surveys with Social Listening & Analytics’ alongside our UAE/MENAP agency partner, Nielsen.

This event aims to address research challenges presented in the region, discover the significance of culture and new trends, approaches, and methodologies, and discover how collaboration is bringing clients closer to consumers and creating a positive effect on ROI. 


April 5-7: ESOMAR LatAm Forum, Mexico City

DigitalMR will also be participating in the Latin America ESOMAR Forum, for the first time. Michalis Michael will be attending to present on the topic of ‘A Journey to Artificial Intelligence: Using A.I. for Insights in Latin American countries’.

The theme of the event is ‘#IN: INsights, INtelligence, INnovation’. It will be focusing on market research in the region; how to reach insights, grow, and move forward. “Only relevant research methodologies and technologies will survive in the race for business growth.” 


Warm Wishes,
The DigitalMR Team

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