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Social Media Research Digest 26 - November 2017

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It's been a while since you last heard from us... but that's only because we've been working on some new and exciting things, publishing new content, and participating in events around the world.

Here's what DigitalMR has been up to!



In the Press

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DigitalMR is featured as one of the Top 7 Social Media Research companies in the October 2017 issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review magazine.

Social media plays a big role in consumers’ everyday lives. Consumers are able to be more personal on social platforms, providing researchers with opinions, thoughts and comments that can give valuable insight. Social media sites provide a way for consumers to directly interact with brands and companies, showing firsthand how consumers feel about their products and services.

To view or download the October issue of Quirk’s magazine, click here.


CIO Applications Europe - AI - Logo-1-505365-edited.jpgDigitalMR is recognised by CIO Applications Europe magazine as one of the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence solution providers for 2017. This listing focuses on companies providing Artificial Intelligence solutions that help clients build competitive advantage and transform their business.

"(...) London-based DigitalMR has been continuously employing the capabilities of AI, serving as a “crusader” of the use of AI for market research purposes. Michalis A. Michael, CEO of DigitalMR says, 'AI, specifically supervised and unsupervised machine learning, can be used to extract accurate customer insights and to enhance traditional methods of conducting market research.'"

To read the full feature, as well as the rest of the November isse, click here.

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Blog posts, webinars, and everything in between

What does the future of Market Research look like? Can it be democratised?

(...)No suspense here: Market Research will be democratized in the (hopefully not too distant) future. Market Research will be available and affordable not just for blue chip multinationals with huge revenues but for companies of all sizes, including startups and SMEs (small and medium enterprises). The was Market Research is conducted will of course be different than what it was in the past.

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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and more:
an interview with Michalis Michael

In this short but insightful podcast, @DigitalMR_CEO is interviewed about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and technological evolution and innovation. Michalis talks about the inspiration behind DigitalMR's offerings and purpose, our approach to market research, social analytics and online communities, 'The Triple S' data integration, as well as AI trends and what the future of Artificial Intelligence may hold.

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Social Listening: Why, How, and When does it work?

On Tuesday June 6th at 9am UK time, DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael participated in a webinar on the topic of Social Listening, organised by our agency partner in Asia, MRDC Software. Phil Hearn, MRDC Software CEO interviewed Michalis, offering a unique opportunity to find out how Social Listening is changing the way many companies are spending their research budgets.

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The Triple S Integration: Surveys + Social + Sales

Integrating data from different sources is admittedly nothing new.(...)DigitalMR has for the longest time been advocating that there is a way to accurately measure what people say on the web and use it to produce customer insights. Yes, there can be millions of posts out there, and it is tough to harvest only the posts that are relevant, and so many languages; we say so what?

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Image Analytics in Social Media Listening

Text analytics is not always enough in order to get the full story around brands on social media. More and more people use images and video to share their point of view and feedback; sometimes combined with text in which case part of the post is analysed, and sometimes without any text in which case text based harvesting and analytics is actually inadequate.

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Insights on Demand with Online Communities

On Wednesday August 23rd at 9am UK time, DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael participated in a webinar on the topic of Online Communities, organised by our agency partner in Asia, MRDC Software. This webinar offers a unique opportunity to find out how to make the most of Private Online Communities to reach consumer insights on demand.

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Where we've been & Where you can find us

  • June - CogX, London: DigitalMR was an exhibitor at the inaugural CogX event showcasing automated image theme analytics through the DigitalMR Magic Captioner, while DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael further participated in a session on "How AI is Transforming The Online Customer Experience"
  • October - Digital Research Conference, Moscow: DigitalMR was invited by ESOMAR to participate in the first conference in Russia devoted to modern methods and technologies in Market Research, where CEO Michalis Michael presented the Triple S Integration (Surveys + Social + Sales)
  • October - CX & Insight Leaders, London: DigitalMR CEO was a presenter at the event, addressing the fact that traditional research methods are no longer adequate, and how Artificial Intelligence can help by producing accurate social listening data that can be integrated with sales and survey data to synthesise otherwise unobtainable insights
  • October - LTI Summit, Brussels: DigitalMR participated in a LT-Innovate event once again, this time presenting ‘How Image and Audio Processing will Redefine Text Analytics’, describing among other things the challenges of training multi layer neural networks (deep learning) to detect the occasion of product usage within an image (theme detection), with the ultimate goal of enhancing existing text analytics capabilities
  • October - Kongres Badaczy, Warsaw: DigitalMR Senior Research Manager Dorota Reykowska presented how Artificial Intelligence can be used to generate Insights at the largest consumer intelligence event in Central Europe
  • October - Research & Results, Munich: DigitalMR was an exhibitor at the largest market research trade show in the world, where @DigitalMR_CEO Michalis Michael also presented Image Analytics in the Innovation Area, and hosted a workshop along with DigitalMR Senior Research Manager Dorota Reykowska, on using Artificial Intelligence for Insights
  • November - ASC Raising the Bar, London: DigitalMR Data Scientist Abdullahi Adamu, PhD participated in the 1-day ASC conference in regards to new techniques and tools for automation, specifically presenting automated theme detection in images
  • November - Data Science, AI, and Deep Learning, London: On November 15th, Michalis Michael (@DigitalMR_CEO) hosted a half day workshop on the topic of ‘AI in Multimedia - capturing sound, data, and image’, and more specifically on using deep learning for image and audio analysis to enhance text analytics.


Warm Wishes,
The DigitalMR Team

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