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Social Media Research Digest 27 - January 2018

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May 2018 bring you Happiness, Health and Prosperity along the way.


Here's what we've been up to since you last heard from us.




Intercept Surveys by DigitalMR-972710-edited-611898-edited.jpgDigitalMR recently added “Intercept Surveys” to its two existing products, listening247 and communities247, offered to end clients and partner market research agencies alike.

Intercept surveys, in addition to being very short, are prompted by a particular action of a visitor to a website in real-time, and, therefore do not rely on memory, making it possible to reach the right respondent at the right time and maximise completion rates.

DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael said: “This product brings us a step closer to our “Next-Gen MR vision” which is all about enabling clients to synthesise unique and actionable insights from multiple sources”.

Download a short deck on Intercept Surveys

In the Press

DigitalMR and its bid to change Market Research using AI was recently featured on Workspace's HomeWork hub - an online portal aiming to introduce and connect businesses located in Workspace properties across the UK.

"Market research is a $65 billion business, but Michalis Michael - market research specialist by day, aerospace engineer by night - thinks the industry is spending all its money on the wrong stuff. Most market research expenses go to polls and client surveys, while only $1.5 billion — as of 2015 — are used to analyse what actual people are spontaneously saying on social media like Facebook and Twitter."

To read the full feature, click here.

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Blog posts, webinars and everything in between

Survival of the fittest on planet "Market Research"

(...)This is not about the survival of market research companies within the industry. Instead, this is the first of a series of four blog posts about the survival (or extinction) of current market research methods, and the birth of new ones. Some known and loved methodologies (by some) will become extinct, while others may survive by evolving and adapting to the new world order.

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A View on the Future of Asking Questions for Market Research

I wish you a Healthy & very Happy 2018, dear readers; this is the second of a series of four blog posts as described in the first piece, posted in 2017. Let me say from the beginning that in this blog post I will be dealing with quantitative and also qualitative research i.e. asking questions in both surveys (mainly closed ended) and focus groups (mainly open ended).

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Choosing the right Social Media Monitoring tool for Market Research

There are currently over 1,000 social media monitoring tools on the market, so no wonder buyers find it hard to make an educated choice. To make things more complicated, there are numerous use cases, and even more possible buyers for social listening within a large organisation. Any organisation that wants to use social listening & analytics would ideally like a one-stop-shop for all its users (...).

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Evaluating Social Media Listening Vendors: 20 Questions

How does one choose the right Social Media Listening tool for their organisation and whatever they are trying to achieve? When it comes to conducting Market Research, not many tools are actually suitable. Social Listening & Analytics must fulfill certain criteria in order to produce accurate customer insights. DigitalMR presents the 20 Questions you should be asking when evaluating Social Media Listening vendors.

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