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Social Media Research Digest 6 - December 23 2011

The Social Media Research Digest: for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

White Paper

The Big 5 “TLAs” in Social Media. What are they and how should they be used to build advocacy? Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs for short!) sometimes appear to be just another level of confusing business jargon. Our latest white paper demystifies the most useful TLAs in social media to show how they all inter-connect and how you can boost engagement and drive advocacy. Read more...


Blog Round-Up

In Search Of Consumers' Pulse- Procter And Gamble Going Digital

The digital revolution has opened up new opportunities for engaging with consumers. Find out about “consumer pulse,” which uses Bayesian analysis to scan the universe of comments, categorize them by individual brand.




From Sales To Advocacy – The New Holy Grail For Social Media Marketers

Identifying your brand ambassadors and channelling communications through them has become a key marketing challenge. Managed correctly it’s much cheaper than traditional advertising – find out how to create a stronger brand online presence and build advocacy across all media.



Why Research And Web Listening Provide A Great Opportunity To Recruit Members To Private Online Communities

Recruitment is often seen as a key issue in keeping Private online communities fresh. However, if you regularly conduct research there are many simple and cost effective ways to recruit people to participate. This blog explains how....




Getting Started With Social Media Monitoring (SMM)

Many organisations utilise web-listening on a number of different levels - and this often correlates to how advanced they are in the development of their own social media strategy. If you want to set-up an SMM programme or get more out of your existing one, find out which is the best approach for you.
Read more....




Data Digest – Smartphones

Android models HTC, Samsung and Motorola are the top three most mentioned smartphone brands on the internet accounting for 76% of all measured customer comments. HTC models attract highest share all positive mentions with 35%. Nokia achieves highest Net Sentiment Score with 55%.

Find out more: for detailed brand-specific data on Smartphones in the US markets.


Data Digest – Tablet PCs


Customer comments for tablet PCs are overwhelming positive. Positive comments online account for 75% of all comments measured. Apple has the lion’s share of those positive comments with 38%. Archos and Asus tablets achieve the highest Net Sentiment Scores.


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