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Social Media Research Digest 14 – January


The Social Media Research Digest: for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between. 

Our edition for January will bring a New Year, a fresh product, a great opportunity to win exciting gifts and more innovative insights, so scroll down and check out what we have in store for you.

A Happy New Year!

We at DigitalMR would like to take the opportunity and kick-start with wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May it be full of rewarding challenges, new developments and well-earned success.

At the same time we are very happy that you survived the non-apocalypse that did not take place on the 21st December 2012.

DigitalMR’s eViewer provides ground-breaking insights

We are proud to announce that we shall shortly be launching a brand new application that will enable you to observe how customers use your websites, advertisements, applications, concepts and media planning! You can watch, listen and study participants as they interact with your prototypes, answer questions and react to stimuli all in real-time. eViewer records their full desktop screen activity as well as the participants' facial expressions, emotions, context and verbal commentary so you can get the whole story. eViewer enables testing for apps on mobiles and desktops alike and can be done by anyone almost anywhere.

So if you want to:

  • increase your app and website conversions
  • know why users are not converting the way you would like them to
  • understand how users respond to your advertisements and landing pages
  • benchmark your app and websites against the competition

It is fast, easy and simple.

You can:

  • view the results in hours, even minutes
  • capture emotional engagement
  • receive candid feedback
  • share the results with colleagues and clients
  • recruit testers from a diverse panel no matter how specific your target demographic is

So watch out for our launch day.

Awarded a Grant to develop an Active Web Listening tool

We are very proud to say that the government-backed Technology Strategy Board has awarded us a grant worth almost £200,000 to develop an Active Web Listening tool. We have been gaining market experience for more than two years and after conducting research on the what the industry lacks, DigitalMR has decided to develop its own in-house Social Media Monitoring tool. It is a highly cost effective way of measuring what is being said about your brand and where the conversations are taking place. 

The tool will not only monitor what is being said but more importantly why it is being said through analyzing the sentiment in assessing whether the comments are good, bad, or neutral. Many technology companies find it difficult to define their levels of accuracy and most achieve at best only around 60%. We combine our highly sophisticated algorithms with real research know-how, using human intervention to further curate and refine data, to achieve sentiment accuracy of 70-80%

Active Web Listening can help you effectively manage brands and the findings can improve business performance.

Check out our eBook on Social Media Monitoring for more benefits of Active Web Listening



What direction is market research heading in?


How do you as a marketer and market researcher feel about digital research techniques? What are the essential aspects of market research and what will the next generation bring in this rapidly changing and evolving sector?

By providing your invaluable insight in our short 6-8 minute survey, you will discover what leading market researchers think the next big thing is. You will receive the results of this study free in our complementary eBook.

In addition you will be entered into a prize draw with the unique chance of winning the latest iPad mini or the Nexus 7 Tablet.

Click here for the study.


New Free DigitalMR Library


We have just proudly launched our DigitalMR Library where we have complied all our eBooks, articles and webinars will be available for free at just the click of the button.
Here are some of the eBooks that might be of interest to you:


  • Private Online Communities: A paper that describes and explores the various methods of interaction between a brand and the members of a POC. It also compares the process and functionality used for online qualitative research with off-line alternatives and their pros and cons.


  • Needs based Segmentation: Identifying customer segments in terms of their needs is an essential pre-requisite for any major marketing activity whether it’s more efficiently monetising your social media assets, improving online advocacy or even the creation of a new company or brand. This eBook will explain what you need to consider when setting up segmentation, analysing the results correctly and successfully put those findings into action. 


  • Accelerated Customer Advocacy Model:   If you have a social media presence but want to promote your message further and faster, this eBook outlines how to give your customer advocacy a timely boost. Find out how to engage more effectively with your fans, amplify your message, and generate advocacy among your key influencers.



DigitalMR CEO speaking at the ESOMAR’s conference in Prague

Michalis Michael will be speaking on how blue-chip multinationals have used digital research in Poland and Russia at the second edition of Central and Eastern Europe Research Forum, which will take place in Prague on 17-18 March. He will dive in and explain how one of the world’s largest and most successful supermarkets and one of the largest FMCG multinationals tested an online community to conduct online ethnography among its customers.

Click here to find out more about the conference .

Best Of The Blogs 

Have you checked out the DigitalMR blog this month? There are loads of interesting articles for you to choose from!

Why do brand specialists need market research? Communication companies and market research tools: a match made in heaven

Letizia Affinito, the managing director of Brandnew MC, which is an Italian communication and marketing company, discusses the relationship between communication and market research companies. She outlines the components that are needed for successfully implementing a communication and marketing campaign as well as noting what type of market research tools are best to create innovation, commitment and engagement amongst consumers and clients. 
Click here to read more.


Market segmentation for digital natives VS digital immigrants

There is a digital divide when it comes to the use of technology on a daily basis to access websites, both social media and other. Anyone past the age of 45 and with no formal training in IT is often perplexed by any turn of a conversation that gets into software, hardware and social media. Companies like Decoded are starting to offer training courses to digital ‘immigrants’ to help them keep up with the first generation of digital ‘natives’ who have literally grown up in a digital world. What kind of challenges can this digital generational gap pose for companies and advertisers alike?
Click here to read more.


Simply click or simply effective? How Simplyhealth delivered a great social media engagement campaign

The issue of “quality not quantity” when it comes to effectively engaging with fans and followers is a key one for developing the best social media strategy. Large volumes of fans can add credibility to your social media assets, but it’s the interaction with those fans that is the most effective driver of enhanced customer experience and online advocacy. A recent campaign by the health group Simplyhealth highlighted an approach that seems to achieve the best of both worlds. It is a very simple and effective way of boosting likes, while simultaneously growing your CSR credentials through charity and research. 
Click here to read more.

That’s all the news from DigitalMR for now; look out for the next issue of the Social Media Digest for the latest in web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

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