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Social Media Research Digest 12 – September

The Social Media Research Digest: for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.


Roundtable events – high level thinking at the Gherkin

Next event: Understanding How To Achieve Genuine Commercial Benefit From Your Fan Pages And Followings - book now!


Our breakfast meetings at The Gherkin have proved to be so popular, that we are now adding lunchtime slots. The next events on Wednesday 19th September include a breakfast session: 08.45 – 10.30 and a lunch meeting: 11.45 – 13.30 so you can choose a time most convenient for you.


Address: The Gherkin, 30 Saint Mary Axe, London, UK EC3A 8EP (map)


Either event is free to attend and will add significant value to your social media efforts. Discuss how to get the most out of your social media presence with like-minded peers from non-competing industries, and find out more about the following:


  • How do I find genuine influencers and engage them in my community?
  • How do I mobilise my Facebook fans? Twitter followers? Linkedin networks?
  • How do I apply a segmentation to my online following and how will it help me?
  • How do I communicate with different segments and what should my objectives be?
  • How will this help me generate and amplify positive word of mouth?


To apply for a free place at the event (or subsequent events) please register.


Please note, spaces are very limited, if the next event is oversubscribed you will automatically qualify to attend a forthcoming meeting.

Coming soon: the first annual Social Media Report for US Banks
A comprehensive report US Banking report from DigitalMR in partnership with Cicero, will be out soon. It analyses all major US high banks according to customer comments made online. Advance findings show that American Express is the most talked about US bank on the internet, with a 22.3% share of all comments, followed by Bank of America (20.5%) and Citibank N A (18.3%).

Please register here to receive free data and updates from the forthcoming report.
DigitalMR analysed over two million customer comments across April 2011 to March 2012. This comprehensive report will include:


  • Customer insights that can help banks shape their marketing and PR strategies
  • Share of voice for top 20 banks
  • Net Sentiment Score (NSS) for top 20 banks
  • Top 10 Topics by number of mentions
  • Individual focus on each of the top 20 banks
  • NSS by Topic
  • Top social media sources by number of mentions
  • Breakdown of customer sentiment on Twitter
  • Recommendations on strategy for the use of Social Media Research.


For more information on the full report, contents and further data please reply to this email or call Tom Hogg, Commercial Director, DigitalMR on 020 7520 1510


Free – eBook of Needs based segmentation

Before the start of any new marketing initiative it pays to identify customer segments in terms of their needs as opposed to traditional demographic or psychographic segments.

By finding out what your customers key requirements are within different operating segments, you can tailor your offerings in line to critical needs within those segments. This will help you determine not only what different customers want, but also where you should excel, and where you can underperform in order to be able to fund service excellence in specific areas and gain true competitive advantage.

A needs based segmentation is an essential pre-requisite for any major marketing activity whether it’s more efficiently monetising your social media assets, improving online advocacy or even the creation of a new company, or brand.

The advent of social media research tools has made it easier than ever before to conduct needs based segmentations quickly and cost effectively, especially within niche markets.

This comprehensive eBook will take every step of the way, explaining what you need to consider to set up a segmentation, analyse the results correctly and successfully put those findings into action. 

Click here to register for your free copy now!


Best of the blogs

Mobilising your Facebook Fans

How much is a “fan” worth? How many of your fans do you share with competitive Facebook fan pages? How much more likely is a fan to repeat purchase than an offline customer? If you cannot measure or put a value on some of these questions, then it’s difficult to assess the bottom line impact of your Facebook strategy, know how much resource to invest in it and how best to utilise the results.


Are comments on Facebook the same as advertising? Compulsory social media monitoring could be moving one step closer.

If you were to comment on a brand’s Facebook page would that constitute advertising? Well, according to a new ruling made by Australia’s Advertising Standards Board - it does. And this could have huge implications in the way big brands use social media and how it is monitored.


Mass Amateurization

A very interesting notion coined by Clay Shirkey in (Everyone Is a Media Outlet) is that of ‘professional amateurization’ which he defines as “a result of the radical spread of expressive capabilities.” He makes the point that this has resulted in the loss of professional control which can impact negatively on many of society’s core institutions.


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