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Social Media Research Digest 5 - April 08 2011

DigitalMR Webinars:

We hosted a series of webinars in March about how to utilise social media for competitive advantage. One of the most popular was with Steve Rappaport author of “Listen First” on “How listening can provide business advantage.” He made some very interesting points about the different types of listening tools and approaches that are available and how they benefit businesses.  If you would like to find out more please feel free to join our blog discussion.

We also ran some educational webinars on:

  1. Using web listening and online communities to enhance social media research strategy.
  2. Using web listening data to make better business decisions

We conducted the webinars using real examples of the data we gather, to show the depths of analysis that can be achieved and how to apply it. We also showed the applications of social media research for different the departments right across the organisation – not just marketing and insight!

Should you be interested in attending any of these webinars in the future, let us know and we will re-run them for you at a later date.


Syndicated Banking Survey:

DigitalMR’s latest findings from our syndicated banking insights report on social media conversations, show that publicly bailed out banks receive the most criticism on monitored internet sites, while Customer Care is seen as the biggest service issue.
Key findings included:

  • ING Direct has the largest overall proportion of favourable reviews – with a Net Sentiment Score of 71%.
  • RBS and Lloyds TSB, both bailed out by the government, have the lowest Net Sentiment Scores: -8% and 13% respectively
  • Customer Care accounts for nearly a third (29%) of negative comments on the internet regarding features and services
  • Among the services measured, Credit Cards achieves the lowest Net Sentiment Score (13%)

The latest report achieved widespread internet coverage. Over 20 media sites reported on the findings – with one site even trying to sell-on the press release! 
As a subscriber to our newsletter, you of course, can view the full release of latest findings for free.
If you are interested in subscribing to the study, or would like to set up a syndicated report for another sector please contact Michalis Michael (



web listeningThe listening hub: How using social media research can help you put the customer at the heart of your business.  
Being customer focused or customer-centric is a rallying call for most businesses these days. After all, if you don’t look after your customers – someone else will.
However, building a clear customer centric strategy that runs through the entire organisation presents quite a challenge. Different departments have very different information needs. So collecting the right customer intelligence and breaking it down into relevant, actionable information that each department can work with, is a key objective for handling “big data”.
One very cost effective way to create a hub of customer intelligence that can be easily disseminated to different departments is through web listening. By analysing thousands of conversations about your brand on the web, we can create timely, relevant reports for each department, which can be acted upon accordingly, please find out more in our blog.


The DigitalMR Blog:

Our blog is now listed in the NextGen Research website’s list of top blogs. If you like our commentary on social media issues, you might find these other blogs of interest.
Similarly, if your organisation writes blogs on social media research related issues then we’re happy to put links up on our website. It’s good to share!


Focus on smartphones:

smartphones Our latest blog posts highlight recent developments in the world of mobile. With an increasing number of potential respondents being “mobile only” we explore the benefits of conducting mobile research in our blog “Research on the move”.

Continuing the mobile theme, it was recently announced that Google Android is now the no. 1 platform for smartphones. Also, mobile giant Nokia, has thrown its hat in the ring, announcing a strategic partnership with Microsoft, with a view to entering the smartphone market. We take a look at the smartphone landscape and assess what customers are saying about them on the internet. Who achieves the most positive coverage – Apple, Blackberry or HTC? See who is winning the online PR battle here.
If you have a view on mobile research or the smartphone market, or would us to link to your blogs on the subject, come on in and join the debate!
We are shortly launching a monthly syndicated report on smartphones, so watch this space for more data and discussion. If you are interested in receiving free information on what customers think of smartphones or have any burning issues related to smartphones that you’d like us to address – please register your interest here.


On the Platform:

DigitalMR’s Managing Director, Michalis Michael will be speaking at the Social & Digital Media for Retail Financial Services Conference taking place in London on the 7th & 8th of June 2011 and at the Cards & Payments Europe 2011 Conference taking place in Frankfurt on the 21st of June 2011.

At the Retail Financial Services conference (7th & 8th June) Michalis will be using real data to explore sentiment of financial services brands on social media. This conference is aimed specifically at the retail banking and financial services industry, and will guide you through the opportunities, risks, issues, challenges and successes in the brave new world of utilising social media. The programme is case study driven – with banks and financial institutions discussing their challenges, issues and successes in tapping the power of social media.

At the Cards and Payments conference (21st June) Michalis will be exploring the Business advantages through Social Media research and how Web listening and Online communities can provide a competitive edge to companies. Real listening data from UK / US banks will be used to demonstrate the Actionable Business insights. The conference delegates will get a comprehensive peek into the Social Media world.

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