Success Story in Harnessing Social Media for Consumer Insight
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Success Story in Harnessing Social Media for Consumer Insight

The collaborative project between DMR and a Telecom client sought to integrate social listening analytics with existing consumer surveys. A significant challenge was managing over 620,605 social media posts, with about two-thirds rendered irrelevant due to noise issues. Aligning the monthly NPS with variable NSS scores also presented complexities, necessitating an advanced analytical approach to synthesise these diverse data streams.

DMR addressed these challenges by involving extensive social media listening over a six-month period and the deployment of sophisticated data curation techniques. This included the creation of a detailed hierarchical taxonomy to categorise the data effectively and the use of refined search term combinations to improve the relevance of the data collected. DMR's solution also involved superimposing NPS and NSS data over a calendar of market events thereby providing a dynamic analysis that captures the pulse of consumer sentiment and its impact on brand perception.


Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making
The integration of NPS and NSS allowed telecom client to gain a dual perspective on customer loyalty and social sentiment, offering a holistic view of brand health and consumer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Insights
The project uncovered specific consumer sentiments not captured in traditional surveys, enabling telecom client to tailor their customer engagement and service strategies more effectively.

Informed Operational Adjustments
The insights provided led to better-informed operational decisions, enhancing brand’s responsiveness to market changes and customer needs, ultimately strengthening their market position.

Dynamic Data Analysis
By overlaying NPS and NSS data with a calendar of market events, DMR provided a nuanced analysis that captured real-time consumer sentiment fluctuations and their impacts on brand perception.