Transforming Insights:  How Agencies Can Harness Unstructured Data

Transforming Insights: How Agencies Can Harness Unstructured Data




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On Demand Webinar: Discover the Untapped Potential of Unstructured Data in Market Research


We are excited to offer our insightful webinar, "Transforming Insights: How Agencies Can Harness Unstructured Data," now available on demand. Hosted by Michalis A. Michael, CEO of DMR, with special insights from Harris Papageorgiou, Executive Director of Noverna, this session is a valuable resource for agency partners looking to advance their capabilities and embrace new opportunities in market research.


To stay ahead in market research, it’s essential to adapt to new methodologies and technologies. Currently, most market research relies on solicited customer opinions, such as surveys and focus groups. However, this only scratches the surface of the vast data landscape. More than 90% of all data available today is unstructured, with a significant portion being the unsolicited customer opinions found on social media and other online platforms.





Why Watch This Webinar?


Expand Your Services: Learn how integrating unstructured data into your offerings can open up new revenue streams and provide deeper insights.


Harness the Power of AI: Discover how predictive analytics and Generative AI can be specifically tailored to enhance your market research capabilities.


Client Value Addition: Gain the knowledge to offer these innovative solutions to your existing clients, enhancing their understanding of consumer behaviours and market trends.



What You Will Learn: 


Understanding Unstructured Data: Explore the vast potential of unsolicited consumer opinions and how they can transform traditional market research.


Applications of AI in Research: Dive into practical applications of AI technologies that can predict trends and consumer sentiments more accurately.


Implementing New Solutions: Receive step-by-step guidance on how to seamlessly integrate these new tools and methodologies into your service offerings.

Special Feature: We are excited to soon reveal our guest agency partner who will share their experiences and successes with utilising these advanced research tools.





Who Should Watch this Webinar?


This webinar is ideal for:


1. Agency executives looking to expand their service portfolio


2. Market research professionals interested in the latest industry innovations


3. Strategic planners and analysts focusing on consumer insights


Interested in transforming your agency’s approach to market research? Join us to learn how you can enhance your offerings with valuable insights derived from unstructured data. Participants interested in integrating these solutions can opt for further guidance post-webinar.


Watch at Your Convenience

The digital nature of our webinar allows you to access this valuable information at your own pace and on your schedule. Whether you’re looking to refine your agency’s approach or explore new analytical tools, this webinar is a key resource for staying current in the evolving field of market research.


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