DigitalMR Launch Event - Waterloo Sunset, DigitalMR Sunrise

DigitalMR Launch Event - Waterloo Sunset, DigitalMR Sunrise

On the night of September 28th , The Deck of the National Theatre, all lit in blue, was home to a unique event. With the tremendous view over the Thames and London by night DigitalMR celebrated its launch.

DigitalMR MD Michalis Michael introduced the company with an enthusiasm that only entrepreneurs can have. He revealed the DigitalMR Web Listening solution, exemplified by retail banking in the US and UK, to the guests and addressed the issues of online communities and online qualitative  research.

While the overarching topic of the evening was “anything digital” and the importance of embracing the trend to keep up with societal change, the atmosphere was very much characterized by the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Lord Karan Bilimoria took the guests on a short journey through his experience as an entrepreneur and chairman of Cobra Beer and pointed out that “[...] things would have been easier, if we had had a company like DigitalMR to assist us with our research.”

Kevin Eyres, Managing Director of LinkedIn Europe, joined the party via Skype from Dublin to say a few words about social media, its impact and thus the importance of social media monitoring.

“LinkedIn will certainly be using DigitalMR’s services.”
Kevin Eyres, LinkedIn

Last but not least, Dr Nicos Rossides, CEO of Masmi Research Group, added that Michalis’s vision behind DigitalMR is absolutely on the pulse, explaining why Masmi was so excited to support DigitalMR from the beginning.

Besides these great contributions from our guest speakers, the event offered an array of food, including a pastrami buffet and very popular desserts, and musical entertainment by the incredible saxophonist Heather Hoyle.

Teresa Lynch’s (MRWeb) tweet “Waterloo Sunset, DigitalMR Sunrise” summarized the evening and won her the prize for the best tweet of the night.

Thank you for having joined us on The Deck , we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. See you next time!

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