A blog post about…writing a blog post!

A blog post about…writing a blog post!

I know I should be writing at least 4 blog posts per month, but somehow I only manage to do one. Call it procrastination, call it daily re-prioritisation of tasks, whatever the reason it does not matter. One of my favourite business truisms is: “There are reasons and results, reasons simply don’t count”.

Especially if you think that there is a number of reasons (no pun intended) as to why it is beneficial to write frequently on your company’s website or blog:

1)      You hopefully demonstrate thought leadership in your subject of expertise

2)      You improve the SEO for your website

3)      You can initiate a dialogue with prospective customers or other stakeholders

Reasons 4 and 5 are more personal and can be seen as the icing on the cake: it can be fulfilling and if you aspire to publish a book one day you may discover that you have already written it bit by bit without making a big deal out of it.

My subject of expertise is Online Market Research with special focus on “social listening” and “online communities”. The former is searched for on Google 480 times monthly in the UK only and the latter 390 times – this is what HubSpot says by the way. Both combinations of words are currently on the second page of Google search for DigitalMR. One of the reasons I am mentioning them in this and other blog posts is SEO; I would really love it if we moved up a few places in the Google ranking for these keywords. It could increase the monthly visitors of the DigitalMR website by at least 1,000 if you think that people also use Google in the US and many other countries, to find information on social listening and online communities in the English language.

There is also the issue of the personal brand which apparently is very important for leaders of start-ups. A good friend and advisor told me recently that tech start-ups are the new rock bands. When I was growing up we would look at photos on album covers of rock bands and get inspired, now we look at photos of Zuckerberg and Musk to get our cues on what is trendy.

I was actually planning to write a blog post about the US elections this weekend; instead you are getting a boring introspection. We did a poll on Twitter on October 3rd and the outcome was that Trump received 53% of the votes Vs 47% for Clinton. I did not like the result and I also did not believe it to be honest so we said nothing about it. Now I felt compelled to say: our Twitter poll predicted the US elections result…but I am not going to do it; you see how I did this 🙂?

The point is, there is saturation in the media about the subject…. Duh….no one is interested about another Trump story. So now we are getting somewhere; the reason why I am doing an introspection piece is because I want us to be unique and different and offer original ideas that are not recycled a million times.

How am I doing? If you are still reading and you are not my mom or my wife (I don’t think she reads them either) then maybe I am on to something. I will be checking on Google Analytics and HubSpot all of next week to learn something about this style of writing a blog post. I do like A/B marketing tests; I do not know how I will turn this one into a test but I need to figure something out during the next 10-20 lines so that I can offer some take-home value to you the reader.

I am guessing I will write another blog post next weekend on the Eurostar on my way to Brussels for the LT-Accelerate conference. That one will be more about social listening or online communities – see how I did this again? Well don’t get too excited, it is not that easy; it is not enough to mention a keyword several times in a page in order to rank on Google. As a matter of fact, I might be penalised by the Google algorithm if the mention of any keyword is more than 3% of the whole document – so I heard, but you can never be sure with the Google algorithms. The latest is Penguin 4.0 and before that we had Possum and Panda. I may need another few sentences so that the mention of social listening will become 2.9% of the whole post. The previous word was number 749; 3% of that is 21 times; I think we are safe I only mentioned social listening and online communities 4 times.🙂

As always, if you have any comments feel free to share them with me on Twitter @DigitalMR_CEO.

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