Why do brand specialists need market research?   Communication companies and market research tools: a match made in heaven

Why do brand specialists need market research? Communication companies and market research tools: a match made in heaven

Letizia Affinito, the managing director of Brandnew MC which is an Italian communication and marketing company, took a moment out of her busy schedule to discuss the relationship between communication companies and market research ones like DigitalMR.

She is a Harvard MBA graduate, whose extensive experience in strategic marketing communications spans almost 18 years. In addition to her zest and drive, her success stems from her combined experience in both industrial and consulting branches of the sector, thereby creating a business model built around value creation. Equipped with the agility of a small company and armed with a dedicated team of over 40 professionals Brandnew MC boasts the resources, the skills and the expertise that companies need. Consequently it has been recognised for its pragmatic creativity. Letizia's long-term vision for Brandnew MC is to see it ‘become a point of reference in Italy for companies willing to adapt a strategic approach through innovation focused on achievement of value and result.’

According to her, the key component for successfully implementing a communication and marketing campaign lies in making the project meet its ROI so that the needs of the target audience are covered both online and offline. The starting point is therefore always market research which itself must be designed around the client’s objectives and needs. The insights gained from market research can be invaluable, as Letizia quotes Unilever’s greatly successful Dove campaign, from which it was revealed that only 2% of women around the world thought themselves beautiful. Armed with this knowledge, an omni-comprehensive campaign was developed around the concept of real beauty and using a mixture of online and offline tools a master brand was created.

Unilever’s outlook on digital technology, just like Brandnew MC’s, relies on formulating an appropriate and strategic approach that creates advocacy around a brand, company or service. Not simply through Facebook fan pages or twitter feed bombardment but via valuable content that motivates, inspires and gives the customer the opportunity to experience something new. Being on the same digital wave length strengthens the necessary bond needed to create innovation, commitment and engagement.

It was these values that brought Brandnew MC and DigitalMR together into a fruitful partnership as the notions of co-creation, advocacy and crowd sourcing are the key components of DigitalMR’s solutions. Applying the concepts of the accelerated customer advocacy model through a private online community or online focus groups can drive sales, it can defend current customer relationships and above all it can build brand equity. Through active web listening you can tune in to your target audience and identify key influencers or detractors to further understand needs of your audience. These research tools are therefore not only gaining insights but also vital instruments of engagement and co-creation.

A partnership between innovative market research companies and marketing communication ones can offer the right solutions, resources and methodologies to help companies successfully and safely navigate the web blue ocean to generate leads, in a cost effective and most productive way.


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