Communities plenty for 7...or 8: The DigitalMR Christmas community

Communities plenty for 7...or 8: The DigitalMR Christmas community

DigitalMR prides itself on its multilingual social media listening platform - listening247®. Funnily enough, the multilingual aspect is also an integral part of the DigitalMR team. We are a multi-ethnic company, either from different countries or with different backgrounds, from machine learning scientists to psychologists, researchers and software engineers, you couldn't put together a more diverse bunch if you tried; well recently we discovered that our musical interests are very different as well – which comes as no surprise.

During our Christmas party in our office in London, our CEO Michalis asked whether someone would like to go to an opera concert with him (to hear the British Tenor Alfie Boe) as he had a spare ticket, to which everyone responded with something along the lines of “ehh, hmm, umm, no thank you”.

Taken by surprise, he responded “what, no one wants to go and listen to Alfie sing?!' and then attempted to woo us by interrupting the Christmas Carols playlist to play a song by the tenor he was going to see (at the O2 arena). Although we all admitted that the music sounded fine (..ish), classical songs were just something that none of us would like to endure. This discussion prompted the idea for everyone to play their favourite song/music, so that we could all get a better understanding of what the others listen to; little did we know, we were about to start our own market research community, about music.

We transitioned from Death Metal, to Reggae, to House/Electronic, Opera, Funk Rock, Croatian Pop, Chinese Folklore, Greek Rock; let's just hope the office next door wasn't listening in.

Although our music was very diverse, we all listened to a significant amount of each other's music and shared our thoughts; despite the fact that we didn't want to admit it to each other, we had a suspicion most were dreading having to listen to one another's music.

Surprisingly, the whole “activity” was not unpleasant, each person explained what their song of choice was about and what it meant to them and in a way, it brought us closer together as a team.

After that, we all worked together as a (co-creation) community and decorated a fantastic looking tree, if we may say so ourselves. Just imagine all these people in the picture above, working around one tree at once, you would think that chaos would ensue, but it didn’t, each one of us worked with the other to build this tree. (Finishing touches like a red Ethernet cable garland by Chris the Digital Systems Director are what make our tree unique.)

This dynamic is not dissimilar to what takes place in online communities; not only does it not matter how diverse an online community is, as long as they are gathered for one common interest it makes it even better - in this case, it was a Christmas party that turned into music exploration. Members of online communities are more engaged and motivated when they are united by a common purpose and when their size is less than 300 members; connecting as humans is much more powerful than connecting for online market research alone.

Happy holidays from the most diverse market research company we know!


PS. “I find the opera quite boring to watch” – Alfie Boe : )


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