Microsoft plagiarising DigitalMR, or is this just an innocent coincidence?

Microsoft plagiarising DigitalMR, or is this just an innocent coincidence?

I think you would all agree that if an SME sees a large and globally renowned company standing behind the same arguments and spreading the same message, their first thought would be: “We must be doing something right!”.

DigitalMR has been developing its listening247® (formerly known as eListen) solution for the past couple of years, trying to convey that every brand needs to LISTEN to its customers in order to take the correct steps towards brand management and growth.  Using terms such as  ‘are you listening?’ and ‘there is a lot of noise’ we have been promoting listening247® as a tool that “is listening for you” to provide actionable insights, while we make sure we eliminate the noise from the data and provide deliverables with high sentiment accuracy.  listening247® is language agnostic and can reach up to 90% sentiment accuracy enabling brands to identify their influencers, track and measure their reach, and see how they compare to the competition. 

Microsoft - are you listeningYou can imagine our surprise when a few days ago we discovered that Microsoft is actually using terms almost identical to ours for their own social listening tool, a service available in their Dynamics CRM.  This new feature of the CRM only came after the acquisition of Netbreeze in 2013, so I can’t help but wonder if Netbreeze had been following us all along... 

It seems we are on the same page as far as the importance of listening, sentiment accuracy, and elimination of noise are concerned, and their eBook ‘Your Brand Sux – Turning Social Sentiment into Opportunity’ explains in full detail what we’ve been saying for so long.  The difference between Microsoft and DigitalMR is that they are a company of a pure technological background, while we are a unique combination of technology and market researchers, which is what enables us to provide insights in the first place.

It is only natural that the competition will most likely intensify as market research shifts towards the digital and more brands start realising how important and useful social media listening can be.  With that in mind, the fact that a large company like Microsoft “adopted” our messages at such an advanced stage of development is definitely perceived as some form of reassurance that we’re on the right track. 

You can find out more about listening247® in the Solutions section of our website.  


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