Battle of the New MR Methodologies!

Battle of the New MR Methodologies!

Text Analytics VS. Social Media Monitoring VS. MROC’s VS. Mobile

On June 16-18, 2014 the Insight Innovation Exchange Conference will take place in Atlanta. I am privileged to be invited by the organizers to be a speaker as well as a panelist on a very exciting debate: 

The Great Methodology Debate: Which approaches really deliver on client needs?
Key experts in different areas have been selected to participate in this debate:

MichalisRepresenting Social Media Monitoring or Social Media Listening as we prefer to call it:

(Yours truly) Michalis A. Michael, CEO at DigitalMR, a digital market research company with proprietary platforms for social media listening and private online communities




Tom H.C. Anderson

Representing Text Analytics:

Tom H. C. Anderson, Founder Anderson Analytics – OdinText a Next Generation Text Analytics solution




Mark Michelson

Representing Mobile Market Research:>

Mark Michelson, CEO Threads Strategic Research & Consulting, and Executive Director MMRA (Mobile Marketing Research Association)





Representing MROCs (Marketing Research Online Communities):

Niels Schillewaert, PhD. Managing Partner and Founder InSites Consulting, a new generation agency stretching boundaries of marketing research and helping global brands become locally relevant




Steve Genco

Representing Neuromarketing:

Steve Genco, Managing Partner, Intuitive Consumer Insights and lead author, Neuromarketing for Dummies



Greenbook identified these five Next-Gen Research techniques as ones which have been the most disruptive and popular. Some are more popular than others and there is also some confusion in the market as to how we should name some of them; I am specifically thinking of social media monitoring which we - at DigitalMR -  prefer to call ‘social media listening’ or ‘active web listening’.

In my view, text analytics is an integral part of active web listening, so I expect to be in agreement with Tom Anderson a lot during this debate. Of course text analytics can be used on any set of unstructured data/text not necessarily coming from social media.

But then again, the same happens with MROCs which are also called private online communities or communities for insights and co-creation.  I also expect to agree with Niels Shillewaert a lot during this discussion.

Well, what about ‘mobile’; does anyone doubt that mobile will have a very important place in the future of market research? We spoke many times about our belief that short intercepts during the experience will replace long monthly trackers.

I honestly do not know if I will debate against any of the first 3 panelists about the importance of their respective fields. Having said that, what we may debate about is which methodology is most disruptive and where most MR budgets of the future will be diverted. If this is the case, then I (already) do agree with Tom when he says in his latest blog post on the same subject that it will be a bloody battle and may the best methodology win! :) 

Join us and show your active support for social media listening which is where most of the MR budgets will be spent by 2020….we have it from a very credible source! :) Stay tuned for the rest, after the debate.


We have uploaded the video of the event for your viewing pleasures


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