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communities247 is an MROC, a multilingual market research online communities platform that enables the recruitment and engagement of 10s, 100s or 1000s of people for high engagement and insights on demand.

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communities247® for Brands

Gone are the days when brands could control their equity through advertising. This is the era of consumer engagement. communities247® is an award winning platform for custom private online communities that can help you engage in a dialogue with your customers. Platform activities such as bulletin boards and video diaries have been developed for true customer insights and co-creation. 


communities247® for Agencies

Expand your market research capabilities by using our award winning, multilingual private online communities platform. Available as a DIY solution, it can provide cutting edge market research and co-creation in your country. The platform can be fully customised with your own branding or that of your client’s. Our partners receive full admin rights and training for their staff.

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Our Definitions

  • Social Media Research

    Social media research seeks to analyse and understand how social media is used in business. It is an integral part of Digital Market Research which is what DigitalMR is all about. The most popular use is marketing and communications, but social media research can also be used for customer care, operational improvements, R&D, competitive intelligence, internal and external collaboration.

    In addition to using traditional online market research and analytics to find out more about how customers use social media DigitalMR uses two groups of Digital Solutions: Social Media Listening and Private Online Communities.

  • The team

    the DigitalMR team

    The DigitalMR team offers a unique combination of technology and customer insight DNA. We combine multiple data sources and deliver actionable customer insights to our clients.

    We have a strong online market research background that informs the development of our social media monitoring and online communities platforms.

  • From Social Media Monitoring to Social Listening & Social Analytics

    Social media monitoring or social listening is best described through the following process: Listen – Analyse – Understand– Engage. We listen on the web by harvesting relevant posts for a brand and/or a topic on an on-going basis or once-off. We then run our social analytics engine and extract actionable business insights for our clients.

    Our unique approach delivers sentiment accuracy that is over 80% in any language. In terms of semantic analytics our overall precision is over 85%. We also use Net Sentiment Score, a trade-marked score which reflects what the overall sentiment is for a brand or a topic.

  • Private Online Communities

    Private online communities are an integral element of social media research. They are a great resource for any marketing department interested in obtaining customer feedback “on tap” to help with content generation, new product development and new communication campaigns.

    A private online community can be branded or not depending on its objectives and can operate in tandem with our active web listening service. The ideal size for an online community for co-creation is 50-500 members who can be targeted based on their opinions expressed online.

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