Qualitative Research Online

Harnessing web-based technology to improve market research delivery is what we are all about at DMR. One area of research that we feel has benefited greatly from advances in technology is online qualitative research.

When speed is of the essence, the technology behind online qualitative allows for live recording of video/audio/typed comments with automatic transcription a few minutes after the focus group is over.

Online qualitative research can be run in conjunction with social media monitoring (web listening) or any other research, which leads to other benefits. You can leverage online research communities and panels to provide sample for online focus groups, and by re-contacting sample, make research programmes ongoing. By conducting “longitudinal research” you can develop a better relationship with respondents over time, gaining a far deeper understanding of their needs.

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Here is a list of qualitative online research methods that we use:


For all the above methods the participants can be recruited on an ad-hoc basis or they can be members of an online community of 100-500 members (recruited and administered by DMR) who regularly engage in conversations about our clients brands, products and services.

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