Who We Are and What We Do

DigitalMR is a tech company that uses Artificial Intelligence to create intelligent datasets to help analysts and researchers discover actionable insights. Our team uniquely combines the skill-sets of software engineers, data scientists, market researchers and analysts. 

With the explosion in use of social media, it is essential for every brand and organisation to be able to understand what is being said about them and other players (online) and why, in order to effectively manage their performance and make profitable decisions. DigitalMR has developed listening247® specifically for the purpose of deriving actionable insights by accurately annotating big data. listening247® was not only created for the market research department but is rather a holistic solution that can be used for the benefit of several organisations and use cases, such as M&A, trading, customer service, business development, sales, marketing etc.

Get started with listening247

We can help you connect the dots and synthesize insights by integrating social listening data with multiple structured and unstructured data sources such as : surveys, focus group transcripts, retail purchases, call center audio files, chat messages, email correspondence enabling companies to be successful by being data-driven.

Get started with communities247

communities247® is a multilingual online communities platform that comes with a variety of native tools for market research including focus groups, bulletin boards, and photo and video diaries, and the ability to seamlessly integrate many more 3rd party tools. communities247® can be branded according to your needs, and is used for the recruitment and engagement of 10s, 100s or 1000s of customers for the purpose of co-creation, insights, and customer advocacy amplification.

We work with blue-chip multinationals such as Bloomberg, P&G, SABMiller, DIAGEO, Vodafone, Saxo Bank, YPO, Nielsen, TNS, and many more. We are already disrupting multiple industries. In recent years, DigitalMR has won several grants from the UK government and the EU that funded its R&D programme.

The Team

The DigitalMR team has both technology and actionable insights DNA; a unique combination of software engineers, data scientists, analysts and market researchers.

We combine multiple data sources and integrate traditional data collection methods with digital research, delivering intelligent data feeds that are the pre-condition for actionable customer insights.

Our strong data analytics and market research background informs the development of our text, audio and image analytics and online communities platforms, making them suitable for their purpose.

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