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Mastering Competitive Benchmarking for Strategic Advantage

Staying ahead means more than just keeping an eye on your own performance. It’s about knowing your competitors inside out, understanding the conversations surrounding their brand, and leveraging those insights to refine your own strategies. At DMR, we empower you with the tools to delve deep into your competitive landscape, unlocking invaluable insights that drive informed decision- making and strategic refinement.

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Empowering Informed Decision-Making

With our proprietary AI models, we sift through a vast array of sources, from press releases to social media chatter, to uncover every mention of your competitors. By analysing sentiment scores and dissecting brand perceptions across various marketing channels, we provide you with a holistic view of where you stand in relation to your rivals. Armed with this comprehensive data, you can identify strengths to amplify and weaknesses to address, forging a path towards unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Tailored Insights for Strategic Precision


Knowledge is power, but actionable insights are the true currency of success. Our tailored competitive benchmarking insights deliver more than just raw data; they provide you with actionable insights that drive strategic precision. By understanding how your brand is perceived in comparison to your competitors, you gain the clarity needed to make informed decisions that propel your business forward. Whether it’s refining your messaging strategy, fine-tuning your product offerings, or honing your marketing tactics, our insights empower you to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and clarity.

Tailoring Solutions: Whose Needs Does This Address?
  • Marketing Professionals:
    Marketing teams can gain a competitive edge by understanding the sentiments surrounding their brand and competitors across various platforms. This enables them to refine their messaging strategies and optimise marketing campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Business Strategists:
    Business leaders and strategists can make informed decisions backed by comprehensive data on their competitive landscape. By identifying strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, they can pivot strategies to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks effectively.
  • Product Managers:
    Product development teams can leverage insights from competitive benchmarking to refine product offerings and enhance their competitive positioning. Understanding customer sentiments and preferences allows for the development of products that resonate deeply with target audiences, driving long-term success and customer satisfaction.

Pericles Venieris

CEO - Green Cola
Pericles Venieris

DMR has definitely met and even exceeded our expectations in the listening247 report delivered for Green Cola in Greece. We were particularly impressed with the 85% sentiment accuracy they were able to achieve in the Greek language, and were happy to finally see accurate consumer sentiment both in respect to our brand and our key competitor. DMR enabled us to extract actionable insights that were invaluable for marketing strategy and tactics.


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