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Transform your brand with DMR's suite of innovative solutions: Trend Discovery, Brand Health Tracking, and Customer Experience. Dive deep into market trends, ensure your brand's vitality, and deliver exceptional customer experiences—all from a single platform.

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Empower your agency and clients with cutting-edge solutions designed to redefine brand management.

Our listening247 suite seamlessly integrates into your service offerings, enhancing your portfolio and enabling you to provide tailored solutions that evolve with your clients' needs.

By leveraging these powerful analytics and engagement tools, you elevate your agency's value and assist clients in achieving measurable success.

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Expand Your Services and Scale Your Business

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    Expanded Service Offerings:

    01 Expanded Service Offerings:

    Integrate our suite into your portfolio to offer more comprehensive services. This allows your agency to attract a broader client base and meet diverse needs, from trend analysis to crisis management.

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    Competitive Differentiation:

    02 Competitive Differentiation:

    Set your agency apart by providing unique, state-of-the-art solutions. This differentiation can be a key decision factor for clients choosing between agencies, giving you an edge in pitches and proposals.

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    Increased Client Retention:

    03 Increased Client Retention:

    Deliver consistent, measurable results for your clients using advanced analytics and customer experience tools. Satisfied clients are more likely to stay loyal, reducing churn and increasing long-term business stability.

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    Comprehensive Analytics:

    04 Comprehensive Analytics:

    Offer your clients detailed analysis of market trends, brand health, and customer experiences. This comprehensive approach helps clients make informed decisions, enhancing their strategic planning and execution.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Size


Unlock invaluable insights instantly, tailored to your brand and its category. Discover the authentic preferences and habits of your customers through everyday mentions on social media. Integrate real-time insights with traditional feedback to gain a holistic understanding of customer attitudes and behaviours.

How DMR Can Help Your Business Grow


Partnering with DMR opens doors to a diverse ecosystem, including data sources, market research agencies, media & marketing agencies, and more. Explore various partnership deals, from reselling our solutions to utilising our technology to improve your sales process. Together, we can drive growth and success for your business.


Harris Papageorgiou

Director - Noverna
Harris Papageorgiou

DMR has enabled Noverna to offer social media listening & analytics solutions to its clients in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The DMR team has been extremely helpful from day 1 in onboarding the Noverna team with listening247 and has showed us the ropes on how to report on the unsolicited customer opinion that can be sourced online. The level of support from DMR has been exceptional at every stage of work, strongly re-enforcing our drive for innovation. Our partnership with DMR has been very beneficial for Noverna in expanding our services portfolio, retaining the loyalty of existing clients and targeting new ones.

Edmundas Brazenas

Co-founder - RTCentras
Edmundas Brazenas

DMR has proven to be a true partner, supporting us during the launch of our own communities247 platform in the Baltic States and Belarus. Accessing a platform as such is of course beneficial towards our agency’s growth, and the affordable price made it even more appealing. Getting on board was very easy; the DMR team was very helpful with the set-up of our first client community in Lithuania and quite forthcoming in providing sales material and valuable content, giving Bell Partners credibility as an innovator in our markets.


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