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Harnessing the Power of Community

Brands are increasingly seeking innovative ways to engage with their audiences.

communities247 stands at the forefront of this movement, offering a dynamic and fully customisable DIY Online Communities platform designed for consumer engagement, brand advocacy, insights, and co-creation.

Through thoughtful integration of qualitative and quantitative research capabilities, this platform enables brands to connect with consumers globally, using any device and in any language.

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The Direct Line to Your Customers

Continuous Engagement & Powerful Feedback with communities247

communities247 provides immense value to market researchers, brand managers, customer experience officers, and any professional involved in consumer engagement and product development.

The platform is particularly beneficial for organisations that prioritise direct consumer feedback in their strategic planning and seek to build a loyal customer base through continuous interaction.

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Why Choose communities247?

  • Customisable Engagement Tools

    communities247 allows brands to tailor their community platforms according to specific needs and objectives.

    Brands can seamlessly integrate their logos and tailor the community’s look to reflect their identity, creating a consistent and immersive brand experience.

    This customisation extends to the functionality of the platform, where companies can set up and run diverse activities, from polls to discussion boards, all under their brand umbrella.

  • Global and Multilingual Reach

    The ability to engage with users worldwide and in any language breaks down barriers to customer insight.

    communities247 makes it easy for brands to expand their reach and tap into new markets, providing invaluable perspectives that are often missed in monolingual or single-market platforms.

  • Integrated Customer Insights

    By merging solicited customer opinions with unsolicited feedback through listening tools, communities247 offers a holistic view of consumer sentiment.

    This integrated approach helps brands capture a complete picture of their audience’s needs and preferences, making it easier to tailor products and marketing strategies effectively.

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement

    The “listen-probe-listen” methodology advocated by communities247 creates a continuous loop of feedback and improvement.

    Each interaction with the community provides fresh insights, driving innovation and helping brands stay ahead in competitive markets.

    This cyclical process not only enhances the product development cycle but also strengthens customer relationships through ongoing engagement.

  • Cost-Effective and Scalable Solution

    The affordability and scalability of communities247 make it an attractive solution for businesses of all sizes.

    Whether it's defending existing client contracts or capturing new opportunities, the platform's fixed monthly cost for unlimited activities and easy scalability (including adding new languages) ensures that businesses can grow without the constraints of increased costs.


Carole Sasson

Managing Director - Cocedal Conseil
Carole Sasson

communities247 by DMR allowed our agency to defend existing client contracts and win new clients for market research. The ease of adding a new language and the fixed monthly cost for unlimited activities are some of the benefits that we appreciated. The DMR team has proven to be quite flexible and very responsive when we needed support. I believe that every traditional market research agency should consider using a private online communities platform such as communities247 for their clients.

Archie Sadza

Chief Education & Insights Officer - YPO
Archie Sadza

I have commissioned 5 months of digital panel research and 10 communities247 projects with Nielsen in Nigeria and am very satisfied with the results that I have obtained so far.

Jane Neale

Marketing Manager for EUCAN, Asia and Emerging Markets - Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc.
Jane Neale

DMR provided the platform for an online advisory board we conducted over a two week period. We were impressed with the functionality of the platform which allowed us to include discussion boards, polls and survey style questions. We evaluated a number of online communities for this project and we felt that DMR provided a very good value and comprehensive offer. We were also very happy with the level of customer service we received – our account manager was always helpful and responsive.

Klaus Oberecker

Managing Partner - MindTake
Klaus Oberecker

We at MindTake are delighted to join the communities247 family and look forward to making the most of its potential for qualitative research in our projects across central and southeastern Europe. We have so far used the platform in projects that required both real-time discussions and reflective diary reports, and are especially keen to use its capabilities to expand our use of rich-media in brand and impact assessments.

Case study

communities247 provided a timely and cost-effective solution to a global company's challenge of enhancing product perception and performance within budget constraints. By leveraging a private online community platform, the marketing team swiftly gathered real-time consumer insights, enabling accelerated decision-making and cost-efficient engagement while prioritising consumer privacy.

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Connecting with communities247

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Embark on a journey with communities247, where innovation meets authenticity, and every interaction is an opportunity for growth and empowerment.

Discover the power of true consumer engagement and transform your approach to digital interaction through the communities247 platform. Your community is waiting—how will you engage them?