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DMR Webinar - AI beyond GPT-4 for Market Research

Social Data Summit 3rd edition 2020With the acronym "AI" mentioned everywhere, DMR wanted to offer some clarity on what it really means to market research agencies. To find out join our webinar on "AI beyond GPT-4 for Market Research", addressing the challenges for agencies to stay abreast with developments in this space, and how to use AI to generate new revenue streams.

We will share a decade’s worth of knowledge gained through AI and machine learning R&D in market research, social media listening, and analysing customer interactions across phone, chat, and email in any language.

Many successful global market research agencies are already DMR partners, assisting clients in uncovering unique insights from unstructured data - which accounts for over 90% of all the available business data.

Please join us on the 26th of July at 1 pm BST - sign up here.


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