Our Mission and Values

DMR Mission

We develop and market digital platforms that help companies make better, affordable products and services that in their turn help improve peoples’ quality of life.


DMR Values

Our values are expressed with the acronym "TIPPER":


We understand and appreciate the power of the team and we abide by the notion: "community over self" in all matters!


We are constantly thinking about new ways on how to do things better, faster, cheaper. We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We remain always in BETA.


We should always explore and have a thorough understanding of what makes our clients successful. Our goal is to help every client improve in whatever they have set out to achieve. We are not just about numbers or insights; we work towards driving positive action.

Positive Attitude

We always maintain a positive attitude, regardless of what is going on around us. We recognize that negativity has not gotten anybody anywhere nice.

Everything Is Possible

This is the attitude we bring to life by exploring ways of achieving what others would deem impossible.  Examples from other industries which illustrate this value include: "live for 700 years", "inhabit a planet in another solar system", "travel in time" - we will never be the ones to say "it cannot be done"!

Relentless Focus

Focus, with dedication on the task at hand - living in the moment. Our clients always come first.