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listening247® is the only social media listening & analytics tool that has been specifically developed for customer insights. It offers the highest semantic and sentiment accuracy on the market. Most people call this discipline Social (Media) Listening or Social Media Monitoring, though the most accurate term to describe it is Active Web Listening. listening247® is a platform designed for organisations to manage their reputation not only on social media, but various online locations. Social listening can help you monitor what is being said about your brand, as well as the competition, and identify who your influencers are. 

Social listening can help your organisation: 

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We harvest data from different sources such as blogs, boards, videos, or even review websites, and eliminate any noise; noise can be a common problem when using an automated search-based dashboard.  Once we harvest the online conversations about your own and the competitive brands within your product category of interest, we do big data semantic and sentiment analysis in order to help you understand and engage. We provide sentiment not only at the brand level, but within topics, sub-topics, and attributes by brand. Data curation is conducted by our network of native language curators.  If we do not already have a taxonomy for your category,  give us two weeks to create a comprehensive one in the language of your choice.  Finally, we make it easy to decide how to action the social media listening data in the form of a report, by including conclusions and recommendations from our experienced data analysts.

What is being said about your brands online?

Social media, has helped provide customers the platform to share their experiences of brands and services en mass. When customers are discussing your brand online – are you listening? Do you have your finger on the proverbial consumer pulse?

It’s now more vital than ever for organisations to understand what is being said about them, so that they can effectively manage their brands and their reputation online.

Social media monitoring (or social media listening) is a highly cost effective way to measure what is being said about your brand and where those conversations are taking place; it has become a key tool in informing social media research and marketing strategy. Social listening can now be integrated with your surveys.

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Our Unique Approach to “Social Media Listening”

There are many market research companies that monitor “what” is being said about brands online.   However, we believe the role of social media research is to also understand “why”.  

Technology and software companies tend to focus on data: gathering it in vast quantities and cranking it out via dashboards. But data is of limited value unless it can help you make better decisions. That’s why, in addition to listening, we analyse conversations, try to understand them and advise our clients on how to engage with their customers and influencers.  

We can do topics and sentiment analysis in any language – assessing what is being said about your brand, whether it is good, bad, or neutral. High levels of sentiment precision are notoriously difficult to achieve by automated processes alone. Many technology companies find it difficult to define their levels of accuracy and most achieve at best only around 60%.

Listen Analyse Understand Engage
Listen Analyse Understand Engage


We combine our highly sophisticated sentiment analysis algorithms with real research know-how, using human intervention (when necessary) to further curate and refine data, to achieve sentiment accuracy over 80% at post level. 

Our approach is to:

Our Social Listening Reports

DigitalMR monitors millions of online conversations across open-access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, forums, blogs and comments on e-commerce sites and online stores. We not only measure the number of posts posted by consumers on the internet and separate them by topic, but we also conduct sentiment analysis – stating whether these posts are positive, negative or neutral.

We aggregate these findings to produce reports that can help you make better business decisions.

We offer a full range of reporting options: from syndicated to fully bespoke, which accommodates your input in report set-up, content and frequency of reporting, plus customised additional analyses of your choice.

We currently have off-the-shelf syndicated reports for a variety of financial services such as retail banking, insurance, asset management, online trading. We also have reports for Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Reports include detailed analysis on brands and product category, including share of voice, product features, Net Sentiment Score and competitive benchmarking. 


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Benefits of Social Listening or Active Web Listening

Brands can use analysis of data from websites and other social media in the following ways:

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