What clients and partners have to say

listening247 was used by Carlsberg for a digital campaign evaluation, in an effort to measure the success of a YouTube campaign in terms of shares. listening247 was the only tool (among 5) that got the number of shares right.

Knowing that there is so much discrepancy between different social media monitoring tools was a helpful lesson for the Carlsberg insight team. The number of relevant posts stated by DMR was actually less than the number of relevant posts stated by the other tools, by 95%.

Anders Nyberg
International Insights Director - Carlsberg

SABMiller asked DMR to annotate social media posts about beer with sentiment. The precision of the listening247 report was 87% - as measured by an independent 3rd party appointed by SABMiller.

The DMR algorithm was used to annotate approx. 30,000 posts from 3 Spanish speaking countries in Latin America in an automated way, with positive, negative, or neutral sentiment towards a number of beer brands. Previous results had reached a sentiment precision of 44% which made the measurement useless.

SABMiller LatAm
Piotr Stefan Szymski
Market Intelligence & Insights Director - SABMiller LatAm

The DMR team developed a customised mobile enabled multilingual evaluation tool for YPO. They delivered on time and exceeded expectations by providing additional functionality with a flexible and responsive approach to meeting our requirements. DMR always found imaginative solutions to solve issues that came up during the roll out to our membership base across 123 countries.

Andrew McLaughlan
Chief Education & Insights Officer - YPO

DMR has produced a social media listening report for our product category that covered user posts on public websites in 6 different languages including German where the sentiment accuracy at sentence level was 91%.

The report was utilised by us and our advertising agency in order to inform our future marketing campaigns. We were very pleased with the findings and the outstanding performance of DMR. We are going to use them again when social media listening reports will be needed.

Procter & Gamble Geneva
Maud Legagneur
Global Brand Manager, Oral Care - Procter & Gamble Geneva

DMR provided the platform for an online advisory board we conducted over a two week period. We were impressed with the functionality of the platform which allowed us to include discussion boards, polls and survey style questions. We evaluated a number of online communities for this project and we felt that DMR provided a very good value and comprehensive offer. We were also very happy with the level of customer service we received – our account manager was always helpful and responsive.

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc.
Jane Neale
Marketing Manager for EUCAN, Asia and Emerging Markets - Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc.

I have commissioned 5 months of digital panel research and 10 communities247 projects with Nielsen in Nigeria and am very satisfied with the results that I have obtained so far.

Jotna Nigeria Limited
Archie Sadza
Chief Marketing Officer - Jotna Nigeria Limited

We found the listening247 report delivered by DMR to be very useful in gaining a better understanding of the social media landscape around the watch market. The report is helping us adapt our social media marketing efforts accordingly. The insights provided by DMR through this process could not have been otherwise obtained, including information such as identification of product category influencers as well as leads i.e. consumers intending to purchase a watch. We were quite pleased with the accuracy of the information we received, and the sentiment analysis reported. A listening247 report can be highly useful to any brand.

Frederique Constant
Peter Stas
CEO - Frederique Constant

Results of DMR’s Segmentation Analysis of YPO’s 20,000 member CEOs – corporate leaders in more than 120 nations worldwide – were invaluable, measurably exceeding Scope of Work contract expectations. The results enabled YPO to identify from myriad demographic data six statistically distinguished segments of members and their unique, dominant characteristics. The Segmentation Analysis results and the continuous update of the CRM enabled YPO to inventory Executive Education offerings and develop higher quality, more relevant offerings for each segment. Segmentation further enabled YPO to target marketing and communications content and distribution for each segment with new laser precision resulting in higher levels of education program participation and satisfaction among members of each segment.

Martha Walker
Director of Research, Global - YPO

DMR is an innovative next-gen research agency on the forefront of all digital research methods and social media research. Through our close collaboration, they have helped us in getting a superior understanding of our clients’ needs.

The insights that we gathered from key markets, including China, Latin America (Spanish Globally), UK (English globally) and Russia, formed the foundation for Saxo Bank´s new global brand:

DMR is one of the most savvy research agencies that I have worked with: experts at tackling global multilingual/multi-cultural studies, in a flexible, result driven and cost efficient way.

Uriel Alvarado
Global Chief Marketing and PR Officer - ForexTrading

Choosing DMR as our online platform supplier gives us peace of mind in terms of being up-to-date and ahead of technology-led data collection methods

DMR does not only provide technical support but also supports with marketing and promotional materials to be used for client pitches and presentations.

Panicos Christopoulos
Managing Director - 360Insights

DMR has definitely met and even exceeded our expectations in the listening247 report delivered for Green Cola in Greece. We were particularly impressed with the 85% sentiment accuracy they were able to achieve in the Greek language, and were happy to finally see accurate consumer sentiment both in respect to our brand and our key competitor. DMR enabled us to extract actionable insights that were invaluable for marketing strategy and tactics.

Green Cola
Pericles Venieris
CEO - Green Cola

We at MindTake are delighted to join the communities247 family and look forward to making the most of its potential for qualitative research in our projects across central and southeastern Europe. We have so far used the platform in projects that required both real-time discussions and reflective diary reports, and are especially keen to use its capabilities to expand our use of rich-media in brand and impact assessments.

Klaus Oberecker
Managing Partner - MindTake

What we were impressed with throughout our online survey of busy professionals in the US, was DMR’s enthusiasm and readiness to adapt to our needs. For the duration of the project we appreciated the cohesion and synergy between our respective market research departments.

The DMR team went the extra mile to recruit a tough sample and to guarantee data accuracy. They were always on call and they were willing to work during odd hours, telephoning/emailing participants to encourage and ensure survey completion.

Laurie Urkuski
Director of Market Research - IMS

communities247 by DMR allowed our agency to defend existing client contracts and win new clients for market research. The ease of adding a new language and the fixed monthly cost for unlimited activities are some of the benefits that we appreciated. The DMR team has proven to be quite flexible and very responsive when we needed support. I believe that every traditional market research agency should consider using a private online communities platform such as communities247 for their clients.

Cocedal Conseil
Carole Sasson
Managing Director - Cocedal Conseil

We are very enthusiastic and proud to be the first in Greece offering exclusively these new, advanced and unique insight solutions by DMR: voice of the customer on the web and online communities. Our company is always committed to be a pioneer and in the forefront of technological developments in the area of marketing research.

MRB Hellas SA not only offers exceptional insight support and expertise but exploits innovation to empower brand owners on marketing and insight solutions – that’s what makes us different. This partnership with DMR will provide a tremendous benefit to our current and prospective clients and I am confident that it will be the 5th D in the MRB perspective.

MRB Hellas
Dimitris Mavros
Managing Director - MRB Hellas

communities247 was easy to customise with our branding and the local language, and the flat monthly fee makes it a cost effective and flexible solution.

Malia Milligan
Chief of Staff, Iraq - YouGov

DMR has proven to be a true partner, supporting us during the launch of our own communities247 platform in the Baltic States and Belarus. Accessing a platform as such is of course beneficial towards our agency’s growth, and the affordable price made it even more appealing. Getting on board was very easy; the DMR team was very helpful with the set-up of our first client community in Lithuania and quite forthcoming in providing sales material and valuable content, giving Bell Partners credibility as an innovator in our markets.

Edmundas Brazenas
Co-founder - RTCentras

The DMR approach to online research was quite innovative. It allowed FlexPaths to organise think-tanks with top executives of companies who apparently enjoyed and valued participating in an online conversation with peers.

DMR's execution was both collaborative and efficient, which ensured that the outcome was of real value to our organisation.

FlexPaths, LLC
Clare Flynn Levy
Managing Director - FlexPaths, LLC

The DMR communities247 platform emphasizes the MASMI Poland image of a cutting edge research agency and helps create long term relationships with our clients due to the nature of the offering.

We found the DMR support and client service very responsive with a can-do attitude.

Masmi - Poland
Piotr Idzik
Managing Director - Masmi - Poland