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Public sentiment data, the Queen and Boris – Why research into your favourite Royal and not so favourite politician has big business implications!

Social Data Summit 3rd edition 2020


DMR’s public sentiment analysis report, using all online mentions of UK royals and politicians, was recently published in Global Banking and Finance.

The report revealed that almost the whole cabinet has negative net sentiment score (NSS)® .

Sajid Javid continues to have the worst NSS®  now with -26% up from

-34% during the previous 3-month period. Rishi Sunak sank from one of only 4 politicians with positive NSS®  during the last period to the 2nd from bottom with -19% NSS® . Priti Patel improved her position from second to last and -24% to an impressive 21 percentage points increase to -3% (still negative though.)

Read more about the sentiment story of these results and the progress of sentiment analysis and unstructured data here.

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