DMR in the Press

ChatGPT Vs Machine Learning

    DMR CEO,  Michalis Michael, gave an interview to Robert Heeg, discussing the benefits and misconceptions of the use of AI, especially ChatGPT versus the guided machine learning approach. Read the full interview as published by the Data Insights Network and Daily Data Bytes.            

AI for Insights : State of the art & future

    Sima Vasa, CEO of Infinity Squared features Michalis Michael, the CEO of DMR, on the Data Gurus Podcast, where they discuss the work DMR is doing with AI in data gathering and analysis for market research, as well as important insights on the evolution of AI. Watch the full podcast here: iTunes, Spotify, Blog, YouTube        

Unlocking the power of CX for business growth with multilingual AI analytics

    DMR is featured in an article explaining the vitality of AI for text analytics and the possibilities of customer experience optimisation for business growth by understanding big volumes of unstructured data such as text and audio. This article elaborates on the power of natural language processing and the computer science methods used to analyse, understand and action all customer feedback regardless of language ...