Apple's Ad Gamble: A listening247 Deep Dive into Consumer Sentiment
Social Intelligence • May 2024

Apple's Ad Gamble: A listening247 Deep Dive into Consumer Sentiment

by Michalis Michael

The Apple Ad Controversy – A Lesson in Listening to Consumer Voices


In a recent advertising blunder, Apple has faced significant backlash over its latest iPad Pro ad, which many have criticised as a ‘destruction of the human experience’. This controversial advertisement depicted the crushing of musical instruments and books, symbols of culture and creativity, drawing anger from consumers and sparking an online uproar.



The Power of Social Media and Consumer Voices

The role of social media in amplifying consumer opinions cannot be underestimated. When Apple’s ad was posted on CEO Tim Cook’s X (formerly Twitter) account and YouTube, the negative response was swift and widespread. Comments flooded in, condemning the ad for being tone-deaf and disrespectful to the arts. This overwhelming backlash led to Apple quickly pulling the advertisement from all paid media channels.

This incident highlights the immense power of unsolicited consumer opinions on social media. Unlike traditional feedback mechanisms, social media allows consumers to express their views instantly and publicly, creating a significant impact on brand perception. The ad’s rapid spread and the ensuing negative sentiment demonstrate how crucial it is for brands to monitor and understand these conversations in real time.


Fig.1: Graphic showing the power of consumer opinion and voice on social media.



Understanding the Sentiment

In situations like this we use listening247 to decode consumer sentiments. listening247’s accuracy  enables us to dissect online conversations with surgical precision, providing invaluable insights into the ever-shifting landscape of consumer preferences. In light of the recent controversy, we delved into the depths of digital discourse to uncover the true extent of the backlash against Apple's brand.

Utilising listening247’s Trend Discovery solution, we scoured social media platforms, forums, blogs and news articles to gauge the prevailing sentiment surrounding Apple's controversial ad. What emerged was a complex tapestry of opinions, ranging strong critics of ad for being insensitive and disrespectful to cultural symbols like musical instruments and books to being disgusting and destroying the art and society in general.


Fig.2: Graphic of different online content displaying emerging sentiments.


Impact on Brand Perception

In the realm of marketing, perception is paramount, and the fallout from this ad controversy threatens to tarnish Apple's carefully cultivated image as a purveyor of innovation and human-centric design. The listening247 Brand Health Tracking solution reveals a notable shift in consumer sentiment, with a significant uptick in negative perceptions towards Apple in the wake of the ad's release.


Learning from Apple’s Mistake

Apple’s misstep underscores the importance of staying in tune with consumer sentiments and the cultural context of advertisements. It serves as a stark reminder for businesses to not solely rely on gut feelings but to incorporate data-driven insights into their decision-making processes.



The Apple iPad Pro ad controversy serves as a potent reminder of the importance of listening to consumer voices and the power of social media. By leveraging advanced social listening and analytics solutions like listening247, brands can avoid similar pitfalls, make informed decisions, and maintain a positive brand image. In today’s dynamic market, staying connected to consumer sentiments is not just beneficial—it’s essential for sustained success and growth.


Stay ahead of the curve with listening247, and ensure your brand is always in tune with the voices that matter most—your customers.







Insight by Michalis Michael