Our Definitions

Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence (formerly reffered to as Social Media Listening / Social Listening, Social Media Monitoring or Active Web Listening) has one main purpose: to help you understand how your brand or organisation is perceived online, and to provide not only accurate insights but also actionable business insights.

With listening247™ the user can harvest online data such as social media posts, eliminate the "noise" and annotate the data with topics (semantic analysis), sentiment, emotions, customer journey stage etc. with high accuracy, using machine learning (AI).

Our unique approach delivers results with accuracies over 80% in any language. We also use the Net Sentiment Score® , a DMR trademarked metric which reflects the overall sentiment for a brand or topic, and can be compared to metrics from traditional research, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Text Analytics

listening247™ is not just a social intelligence platform; as it is source agnostic it can ingest and annotate text from any source and in any language. Some data sources for which our clients use listening247™ to automatically annotate for brands, customer journey stage, sentiment/emotions, topics etc. are:


Images to Text

Beyond social intelligence and text analytics, using our proprietary deep learning models we can caption images, based on their pixels as the input. In other words AI turns images to text in order for our text analytics capability to annotate for brands, sentiment, topics etc.



Data Fusion

Data fusion (or data integration) of unstructured data is much easier than integrating structured data, especially when using a tool like listening247™, which was developed for this purpose - to be an AI based platform that ingests, cleans, and annotates data, making insight discovery easier and faster.

Unstructured data that can be integrated includes:

Data can be integrated from various sources of solicited opinion, unsolicited opinion and behaviour.


Customer Experience (CX) Measurement

CX measurement or management (CXM) has become a major part of what used to be called market or marketing research. It is the discipline of collecting all customer interactions, whether solicited customer feedback (e.g. from surveys) or unsolicited (e.g. from social media), structured (numbers in tables) or unstructured (text, audio, images, video) and respond to what clients ask and need. Detractors, passives and promoters are identified by annotating each interaction with a customer journey stage, so that brands can engage on a one-to-one basis and have a conversation. 


Private Online Communities - MROCs

Private online communities - or market research online communities - are an integral element of next generation market research, and through their various functions can be used for the benefit of multiple departments within an organisation. They can be used for engagement, co-creation (content generation, new product development), insights, and customer advocacy amplification or to build a brand ambassador community.

A private online community can have 10s, 100s, or 1000s of members, it can be branded or unbranded, and can even be used to engage consumers or influencers identified through social intelligence.

DMR’s online communities (communities247™) come with a range of native market research tools as well as the possibility to seamlessly integrate 3rd party tools such as online surveys from any provider very easily.

Social Media Research

Social Media ResearchWith the explosion in use of social media during the last decade, it is essential for every brand and organisation to invest in 360° customer data analytics and customer data platforms (CDP) in order to effectively manage their performance and reputation.

Social media research is not only used for marketing and communications purposes, but is also often used for customer care, operational improvements, R&D, competitive intelligence, internal and external collaboration, as well as for acquiring alternative data for funds, retail banking, insurance, asset management and online trading.

DMR brings insights to their clients by integrating social listening data with multiple structured and unstructured data sources such as surveys, focus groups transcripts, retail purchases, call center audio files, chat messages and email correspondences, thus enabling companies to be successful by being data-driven.

DMR uses two proprietary cutting edge SaaS Solutions: Social Intelligence & Text Analytics (listening247™) and Private Online Communities (communities247™).