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DigitalMR Adds Intercept Microsurveys to Services

London-based DigitalMR - a technology company with   deep understanding and focus on market research, has added “Intercept Microsurveys” to their two existing products listening247 and communities247, offered to end clients and partner market research agencies alike.

Intercept Surveys: Reach the right respondents at the right time

Intercept microsurveys, in addition to being very short, are prompted by a particular action of a visitor to a website in real-time, and therefore do not rely on memory, making it possible to reach the right respondent at the right time and maximise completion rates.

DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael said: “ This product brings us a step closer to our “Next-Gen MR vision” which is all about enabling clients to synthesise unique and actionable insights from multiple sources”.

Click here to download a short deck on intercept microsurveys.

About DigitalMR

DigitalMR is a technology company with proprietary solutions for market research, that specialises in the use of Artificial Intelligence for customer insights and the integration of Social, Survey, and Sales data. Following years of R&D, partly financed by multiple government grants, DigitalMR’s main areas of research include text and image analytics, particularly sentiment and semantic (topics analysis), emotions analysis, and image theme and logo detection. DigitalMR has presence in numerous countries and works with blue-chip multinationals such as DIAGEO, Radley, YPO, Nielsen and many more.



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