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DigitalMR launches the first syndicated Social Intelligence report for Banks

Banks: Source ShareLondon, June 12th 2019: DigitalMR announces the launch of a monthly syndicated social intelligence report for major banks in their respective countries. The report will be updated every month with fresh posts from Twitter, blogs, forums, news, videos, reviews and other public online sources. The first three languages included - English, Spanish, and Chinese - were selected intentionally to cover a large number of the global population. Almost 2.5 billion people in various countries around the world are native English, Spanish, and Chinese speakers, while another 1+ billion live in countries like India, Singapore and Nigeria, where English is a dominant language even though other native languages exist.

In this report, social posts are accurately annotated with sentiment towards the banks involved and the topics of online conversation. This enables banks to benchmark themselves against competitors using the Net Sentiment Score™ (a DigitalMR composite index for social sentiment) within topics such as ESG (Environmental, Social Governance), Scandals, Financial Events etc.

Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, said: “We took a decision to provide this as a monthly syndicated report to enable the banks that do not have a lot of experience with social intelligence yet to test the waters without breaking the bank (pun intended). For others who already appreciate the value of social intelligence, we will provide customised reporting to help them with digital advertising campaign evaluation, sales lead generation, finding and engaging micro-influencers and many other use cases.”

DigitalMR is a London based technology company with proprietary solutions for social intelligence (listening & analytics) - listening247, and DIY private online communities - communities247. It specialises in the use of Artificial Intelligence for high accuracy text and image analytics and the integration of Social, Survey, and Sales data for unique actionable insights that could not otherwise be obtained. listening247 was developed specifically for market research, offering the highest possible sentiment and semantic (topics) accuracy in any language. It can be used to analyse data on any topic or product category, from any country around the world, on all social media and other online sources such as blogs, forums, news and reviews. DigitalMR has a variety of current and past clients and partners, and works with multinationals in various sectors such as FMCG, retail, banking & finance, telecoms, and NGOs.

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