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Social Media Research Digest 13 – October

The Social Media Research Digest: for free data and free thinking on web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.

October has been a very busy month for DigitalMR! In addition to our usual work there have been awards nominations and an office move to deal with. Scroll down for what has been going on this action-packed October!

We Have Moved!

DigitalMR has been changing, maturing and growing constantly ever since its establishment back in 2010. In fact, we have grown so much that we no longer fit into our old premises! We are proud to announce that DigitalMR has now set up shop in its new and bigger premises in Westminister Business Square, Vauxhall.

We’re very excited about this new start and hope it is just one of many bigger and better things to come!

DigitalMR Shortlisted For Annual MRS Awards

At the beginning of this month, we were greatly honoured to learn that we had been nominated for the prestigious MRS awards. The MRS Awards celebrate research’s ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results.  DigitalMR is delighted to be shortlisted in the Financial Services Research category for its innovative needs based segmentation project with Saxo Capital Markets.

The award submission was by Michalis Michael, DigitalMR and Uriel Alvarado, Saxo Capital Markets (previously ForexTrading) and based on the work: A Needs Based Trader Segmentation for Saxo Bank to launch a new company in the global online foreign exchange market.
The winners will be announced on the 10th of December at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London. 

Stay tuned to find out how we do!


Out Now: First annual Social Media Report for US Banks

Last month we announced that we would soon be publishing the first annual social media report for US Banks. We are delighted to announce that the report has been published and ready for your perusal.
The report provides detailed analysis and insights into the following areas:

  • How social media is currently being used by financial organisations in the US
  • The financial institutions and topics that attract the most consumer comments
  • How the most mentioned banks compare in terms of online reputation at a service feature level (e.g. employees, loans, credit cards)
  • The priority topics for banks to engage consumers with more effectively
  • Individual analysis of the Top 20 banks including a sentiment-based feature level online reputation priority matrix with competitor benchmarking
  • Online reputation management 

Click here to order it now!


New : Free eBook on Private Online Communities

New this month to DigitalMR’s collection of eBooks:
“How to use Private Online Communities (POCs) for Co-Creation”
It is unimaginable for a brand/company in this day and age to have a mature social media strategy without owning a private online community (POC). From a market research perspective, POCs have evolved through developing online qualitative research. This paper describes and explores the various methods of interaction between a brand and the members of a POC. It also compares the process and functionality used for online qualitative research with off-line alternatives and their pros and cons. A POC can be an extension of the marketing department of an organisation for co-creation but it can serve other purposes as well.


Best Of The Blogs 

Have you checked out the DigitalMR blog this month? There are loads of interesting articles for you to choose from!

Social Media Research – Is The Current Waitrose Campaign Debate Missing The Point?
When you can’t be sure if a social media campaign is a success or failure then maybe it’s time to do some research. Waitrose’s recent Twitter campaign generated a vast amount of publicity and split opinion among marketing folk in the process...
It seems there is a fine line between a campaign going viral, and one being hijacked the public. This one got hijacked.  

Click here to read more.


Needs Based Segmentation – Why It Pays Do Some Things Worse Than Your Competitors!
Needs based customer segmentation is a fascinating approach that helps get to the heart of what your customers want, and how to differentiate your offer to them. 
Marketers have been using segmentations for years to target their customers more effectively.  And in the social media landscape it has become increasingly more important to keep communications highly relevant and engage with different, but defined, sections of their audience. Indeed, thanks to developments in high powered text analytics, it is now possible to segment and profile based on consumer perceptions expressed online.
Click here to read more.


The Power Of Negative Thinking – Customer Gripes Are Good For Online Advocacy
Imagine a world where everyone is unfailingly positive and complimentary.If that world were reflected in a newspaper or TV programme, I doubt many people would read or view it. Not only would it be boring and one sided (we need light and shade for a balanced perspective) it would also seem alien and unrealistic. It is human nature (especially among the British!) to complain, gripe and moan about almost anything.
So why is it that many brands are afraid of presenting anything less than a “perfect” view of themselves online? 
Click here to read more. 

That’s all the news from DigitalMR for now; look out for the next issue of the Social Media Digest for the latest in web listening, community panels, online ethnography and all subjects in-between.
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Warm wishes,The DigitalMR Team 

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